o 5 week old kittens flea infested!!! HELP!!!

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i HOPE i AM POSTING this in the right forum...I am still getting used to the idea so bear with me ;) I rescued 2 kittens yesterday from a lady who was taking them to the;) pound. She claimed to have bathed them before but they are INFESTED! I gave the female a bath with Dawn dish soap and her pretty orange fur turned black with fleas upon getting wet...they are even getting in their eyes!!! I dont wanna see them suffer and of course dont want my own indoor cats getting them. Is there a safe way to get them off? I know flea meds are not suppose to be used until a certain age! Please help these babies :((


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    Sorry didn't mean to put that smiley face next to the word "pound"!!! The pound is not a place to smile about! :-#
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    I don't think anybody is going to take offense at the smiley face, heck, they put up with my poor spelling, mol. :D I would have suggested Dawn too, thats what I hear people use too. Do you know ballpark how old the kittens are? You can use Revolution on 8 week old kittens. It works great and its safe. You put a spot, on the back of their neck, inbetween their fur. You can get it from the vet. It might be a good idea, to get it for your cats too, just in case. :D I know the others will have some good ideas too. Bless you for taking in these little babies. =D>=D>=D>
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    I had a similar problem with my very first rescued kitten. Poor little thing; grey kitten trying to cross a grey road on a grey rainy day... I brought her in and plunked her in our deep kitchen sink first thing. Started getting her wet, and the fleas were so thick, I had to pull out the sprayer to keep spraying them down the drain... they were even crawling up my arms to try and escape! :-# Using the sprayer allowed me to \"target\" a little more precisely, so it was easy to rinse the kitten\'s face without getting water up her nose. Poor baby must\'ve realized I was doing her a favor, she just sat and took it without a peep. You\'ll have to keep on top of the situation with some serious maintenance for a little while: baths, revolution, regular vacuuming (get some flea spray, & spray the lint/dirt you toss out from vacuuming)... Best of luck. .
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    At 5 weeks the kittens are too young for flea meds but bathing with Dawn and using a flea comb is the right way to go. If you have her in a sink and have another bowl with a stronger solution of dawn/water in it you can comb off most of the fleas when she is wet and keep dunking the comb in the bowl to trap the fleas. You should be able to get most of the fleas this way and can flush everything down the drain once you are done and leave the water running for a minute as fleas are really difficult to kill but this will get rid of them. In a few weeks they'll be old enough for flea meds. If they have fleas they've probably also go tworms but your vet can give you worming meds appropriate for kittens and can advise when they are old enough for flea meds. Make sure all your other cats are up to date with flea meds and that you spray your catpets with DeFlea (a great flea spray for carpets/bedding/furniture) or similar as some are bound to escape.
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    Dawn or Joy will work. Or you can get De Flea as it is safe for nursing kittens. http://www.viewpoints.com/Natural-Chemistry-De-Flea-Pet-Area-Spray-review-70041 When I was learning to Groom, we used something like this as a shampoo. I was given a bottle of this(De Flea) from a Vet who used to live next door to me. This was before it was even on the market. I never opened it. Then when I got Sootball and saw he had a head full of fleas.. I grabbed the bottle , shook it up and sprayed it. When I smelled it I knew exactly what it was and how great it would work! The link give you a complete break down on the product and reviews from users. Please keep us updated as to what you use and how those Babies are doing. I like this the best because you do not have to "wash " them. It is amazing as to how quickly the fleas die.
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