Solid Gold Katz n Flocken

Hashini GunasingheHashini Gunasinghe Member Posts: 121
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Mommy's mommy (our grandma?!?!) brought us a big 15 pound bag of the Solid Gold Katz n Flocken because she's going to be cat sitting us for two weeks. Mommy's not familiar with the Solid Gold but she checked out the ingredients and it looked ok even though it wasn't grain free. Mommy has us on a rotation of Wellness, Evo, and Orijen dry foods but Evo and Orijen come from a specialty pet food store that mommy's mommy doesn't know about. We're excited about the new food (well we're excited about all food), is this an ok food? Mommy's started transitioning us over to the food alread cause she doesn't want to offend her own mommy but she hasn't heard much about this brand and it has less protein than we're used to. Mommy gives us Tiki Cat or Natural Balance cat food in the morning and then we have dry food all day long, so we have other sources of protein too. Also, I'm a little on the plump side so mommy's worried about me gaining even more weight from any grains.


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    I know that Solid Gold is pretty good dog food. I would probably not advise feeding this long term because of the grains but I wouldn't think that a couple of weeks would be a big deal as long as your kitty is tolerating it ok. Check the amount of kcal/cup in your regular food and multiply that by how many cups you feed to get how many kcal your kitty usually gets per day. Then see how much of the Solid Gold that you would need to feed to equal the same amount of kcal (divide your cat's total kcal per day by the number on the bag to see how many cups). It could end up that your cat needs more or less of the solid gold to equal the same amount but again, I would think it shouldn't be a huge issue for just a couple of weeks.
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
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    Plump is ok at 6 months - I wouldn't start worrying about weight yet. But I wouldn't feed this food long term - meaning after this bag is done. You may want to do some research about dry food (I recommend and in particular dry food with grains. It's just not a great choice for their long term health.
  • Danni BDanni B Member Posts: 123
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    Solid Gold Indigo Moon is grain free, so you could try that in the future. :)
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