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One Fatty Cat, One Skinny Cat -- how much Wellness to feed??

Bridget WhelanBridget Whelan Member Posts: 7
edited 22 September, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
After months of searching online and unable to find any conclusive evidence, I'm finally turning to Catster to help me with my feeding problem! I have one cat who is 18 lbs. YES!! 18 lbs!!!! Her "sister" is only 9 1/2 lbs. Gee, I wonder what's going on here. :-k I had them eating free range food because Bastet, the skinny cat, will NOT eat at a set time. She prefers to nibble throughout the day. She actually dropped down to 8 lbs (could clearly feel all her bones, too!) when I tried to regulate their feeding times. Well, I've switched to Wellness. I am TRYING to revert back to feeding times, but many, multiple feeding times so Bastet (skinny cat) will get enough to eat. I'm feeding 4 times a day now (I know, so tedious), and each time, Nefrit (fat cat) eats all her food and finishes FIRST while Bastet has a few bites and walks away... grrr... Anyway, this is how much I'm feeding and what: 3 times a day: 1/4 cup dry food split b/w their two bowls Once a day: one quarter of a 3 oz can for Nefrit, but just one eighth of a 3 oz can for Bastet (that is all she will eat). Bastet still has about half her food leftover after each dry feeding, so I just empty it back into the bag, or else Nefrit will eat it. What do you guys think about this routine? Is Nefrit still eating too much? Is Bastet in danger of not eating ENOUGH? Please help!!


  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 21 September, 2010
    Hi Bastet first off have you read this site? this is full of great info. Trying to set feeding times in different rooms would be the best. Also if Bastet is eating its food plus your other kittys food then she will most definately gain weight, but also getting off the dry food and onto a high protein wet food will help your overweight cat loose weight, it will satisfy her more, it will also help keep your other kitty getting the right amount of protein in him or her, sorry could not remember if your cats were him of hers, mol! Anyhow make sure you read that site it will tell you how to safely help your overweight cat loose the needed weight. How about the Wellness Grain free wet, or Evo wet?=;
  • Bridget WhelanBridget Whelan Member Posts: 7
    edited 21 September, 2010
    Hi, thanks for the response :) I already know a good deal about feline nutrition. And I'm already feeding my cats Wellness (dry and wet). I know about the "dry v. wet" debate, and I don't subscribe to either side, so I prefer to feed my cats a combination :) My question was how to properly regulate the food intake for my two cats: one very fat (Nefrit) and one very skinny (Bastet). Nefrit will eat anything in front of her, including her sister's food. Bastet will eat a couple bites and then walk away. I came up with a plan to feed 4 times a day to ensure that 1) they are being fed small doses, so Nefrit won't get fatter, and 2) they are being fed multiple times a day, so Bastet will get ENOUGH food and not lose more weight. So my question had to do with, have I found the right balance? Are they getting enough food? Or am I feeding them too much? Basically, they are getting approximately 3/8 cup dry food (Wellness) and 1/4 3 oz can of wet (Wellness). Bastet, however, gets less wet food b/c she will not eat a whole 1/4 in one sitting.
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 22 September, 2010
    Could either one of them have any health issues creating some of this dilema? Have they had any bloodwork done recently? I'm wondering if one of them has any GI problems causing them to lose weight and not eat properly and the overweight one possibly have hypothyroidism or diabetes? That may not be the case at all, I'm just trying to figure out why with even regulated feeding, they are both such extreme weights. Granted, they may be two different types of cats, I don't really know. And maybe one is just naturally smaller. Are you on all grain free for their foods, both dry and wet? If you're still feeding foods with grains, they can become allergic to those ingredients and grains can cause both weight loss in food allergies and weight gain in overworking the pancreas. Please know we're just trying to help, because you did ask. :?
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