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Beef flavored Fancy Feast wet - anybody have problems with it?

Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
edited 3 October, 2010 in Food & Nutrition
Everybody gets wet, mixed with water, so its soupy, except, Mr I Ain't Eatin' No Wet Food. I used to feed BW wet, but as many cans as I go thru a day, I had to come up with another solution, which was FF wet. Bump still gets BW dry and they get BW dry at night. So read the cans, and Chicken has no glutens in it. On occassion, the store does not have all the cans I go thru, so starting getting beef, gave beef to Prowler and Smokey and chicken to the kittens, as thats what the kittens are used to, and they have sensative systems. Last week, was totally out of chicken, store had none, had to give the kittens beef, which Cowboy threw up, called the vet, she and I both thought, as he has such a sensative system, the change in food was most likely the culprit. He was fine the rest of the day. This morn, gave Smokey her usuall beef, its what she is used to, and she threw it up. So I am wondering, if there is an issue with the beef, and wondering if anybody else has had an issue with it. Smokey was fine this aft, gave them some "snackys", which is just a handful of their BW dry, but they don't know that, wanted to see if Smokey kept that down, she did. Waited an hour and fed them, their normal BW dry. She kept that down, so she is not sick, and she is acting her normal self. So, I am thinking it must be the FF beef. What do you kitties think? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


  • Holly StonerHolly Stoner Member Posts: 23
    edited 25 September, 2010
    When I first started feeding the FF Beef to Cody he also threw it up..nearly every time. I took him to the vet thinking something was up...never realized it was likely the food. Vet told me that Cody most likely has IBD and was having an upset. I finally decided it was probably that I stuck with just the chicken and there is one turkey with no glutens in it. Well somewhere along the line I decided to try the beef again..for some reason he can it now, however I still mostly give him the chicken and turkey.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 25 September, 2010
    Thanks for the info about the turkey, Cody! :-h I will look for that one, not going to feed beef anymore. :D
  • Sarah ClarkSarah Clark Ruston, AustinMember Posts: 689
    edited 26 September, 2010
    Neither me or misty will touch any brand's beef flavored food. We have tried Merrick, and Welness, and a couple other brands of beef flavors- but we wont even go near the bowl. Maybe cats and beef just are not ment to be. MOL.
  • AshPoGusAshPoGus AlbuquerqueMember Posts: 7,041 ✭✭✭
    edited 26 September, 2010
    We were told by Beepers' previous Mom "no beef for Beepers." She said he throws it up, so I took her word for it and stick to chicken and turkey. Maybe a sensitivity (or allergy?) to beef is not unusual?
  • Huey TanHuey Tan Member Posts: 108
    edited 26 September, 2010
    Dunno... but meow looooves anything "Beef" or with moo cow in it. Had the fancy feast Beef wit gravy and meow lap up every morsel o' it.... and since meow do not hav a habit o' throwing up, if meow throw up with fancy feast... dan there may be something wrong wit the beef, but meow dinna throw up after... so meow thinkz it may not be fancy feast???:-k So furr meow, personal vote fur don't think itz the can? Maybe just every kitty iz different?
  • Robin PinkhamRobin Pinkham BangorMember Posts: 1,601
    edited 26 September, 2010
    Classic style beef ( pate) is one of the favorites around here. No issues that we have noticed. We only eat the pate style flavors, once on a while the chunky ones
  • Holly StonerHolly Stoner Member Posts: 23
    edited 30 September, 2010
    oh yeah..these are way more expensive, but Cody LOVES the FF appetizers..only 2 I can give him because I avoid fish are Chicken and Chicken and beef. It's looks like just cooked shredded chicken and there no other ingredients. It's not something they can eat daily, but a nice treat. You can get a free sample from
  • Lacey KingstonLacey Kingston WilmingtonMember Posts: 7,527
    edited 2 October, 2010
    Beef is a common tummy culprit for cats. For whatever reason a lot of them don't do well on it - usually throwing up like yours, sometimes diarrhea. Our old cat Moocher couldn't eat beef either, so we just steer away from it. It's a red meat, and most likely a lot richer than the typical poultry and fish flavors that most foods are.
  • Susanna CookSusanna Cook Member Posts: 768
    edited 3 October, 2010
    I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I know that is one of my cats' favorite flavors. However, I think that if you have any kittens who eat that then you should try your best to keep them from eating more than half the can. Fancy Feast can give kittens some really smelly gas, trust me, been there. I used to give my cats two cans of Fancy Feast a day when Socko began to get a bit older (he is 3 months old now) but then I decided that that was just a bit too much. So then I just gave them one can a day for both Daisy and Socko to share. Even though they may just want it all. Misty just eats dry cat food and Dotty and Speedy are actually just cousins. EDIT I don't think my cats have ever thrown up because of Fancy Feast itself. Around when Socko first started eating Fancy Feast, he threw up except it was because of a plant he was eating, which was removed to a shelf that was out of his reach. Ask your vet why your cat is having issues like this.
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