What The HECK Ail\'s Drivers Today???

Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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Didn't really know where to put this, and needed to vent, and since my footyball friends and late late show friends hang in here, figured I would just put it in here. I travel all over the East Coast to cat shows, never had one prob, run into some really bad weather sometimes, and hit a deer once outside Lancaster PA, but not one speck of trouble from other drivers. But it seems, in the Syracuse NY area, the daily commute, they are just freakin insane, like to about kill you. Most know I was in a serious accident in Aug, got hit by an inattentive driver, in a SVU, and altho I was not hurt, my PT was totaled, and it was a very very tramatic experience, and with the way people drive, makes me very nervous. They ride your bee-hind, take your front end off, and are barely past you, before they move over, and can't seem to pass, without staying in thier own lane, and oh, are like doing 70. Coming home tonight, a guy comes up fast behind me, I am doing the speed limit, almost hits me passing me, about takes my front end off, and he has the nerve to blow his horn at me, weaves in and out of cars, crosses over 2 lanes, to get off an exit. This is a 4 lane interstate, chuck full of people coming home and its pitch dark out. Then almost home, 2 cars trying to get on to the interstate, they are next to me, I look, no one in the other lane, I move over to let them in, they speed up, won't let me back to the left, by then, the next wave has caught up to me, doing like 70, and they are riding my bee-hind, and the other cars won't let me get back to the left. I had to get it up to almost 80, with the other guy still on my bee-hind, and the other cars speeding up, before I could move to the left, and this is in the pitch dark. Very tramatic for me. So stop at the store, in the village, am coming down the road, and was on top of this guy, before I even saw him, a guy in a motorized wheel chair, in the road, dark clothes, no reflective tape, no lights, no nothing, slammed my breaks on, thankfully the person behind me was not on my bee-hind, and went around him when traffic coming the other way was clear. Called the police, to let them know, before someone does hit him. Called one of my show friends to vent, needed to talk to someone, she tells me she is watching a movie with her husband, ya , I needed to hear that, so called my mother, and finally, got a little support and understanding. What the heck ail's drivers today, I deal with this crap every day, why must they tailgate someone, who is doing the speed limit, why must the take someones front end off, after they pass them, why must they drive so far over the speed limit, and then act, like others are at fault. If I still had my truck, this would not bother me so much, but finances dictate I have to have a small car that is good on gas. So, thank you for listening to me, and letting me vent, makes me feel a little better, and for those that do drive like that, can ya please cut a break for the little cars, who chose, to drive the speed limit. :?


  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
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    I feel your pain. It happens here, too; once, I was doing the speed limit on a local road (45 mph)and being tailgated. When I had room, I moved over to let the idiot pass - and as he did, he gave me the finger! What the hey. . . ? I recently met a lovely lady, in her 70s, I think, who uses a 4-wheeled walker to get around - but she still drives. She was telling me that she was on "the river road" (a paved but one-lane road that runs along the river - used to be a railroad grade). Well, she had "an appointment," and the driver ahead of her was doing the speed limit (35mph). That wasn't fast enough for Ms. Arrogance, so she blew the horn to tell him to get over, which, reasonably, he didn't. When he pulled over in a wide spot to park & fish, she pulled up next to him so that he couldn't get out of his vehicle and berated him for not letting her by! I swear - the nerve! Her reasoning was that if she wanted to speed, that was *her* business - but it's a public road, so it's everyone's business. I have no idea why people are so arrogant that they think they should be allowed to drive however they please with absolutely no regard for other people (not to mention animals) on the road! The speed limit is the *limit* - not a suggestion. Ack! The more I see of people, the better I like my cats!=;
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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    Last year, was at a show in Westchester NY, got out well after 9pm, had kitties and equip loaded on our carts, had to cross the Bronx something parkway, its like about 5-6 lanes, seems like anyhow, they have a light and a crosswalk, big well lit one, that we had to cross, to get to the parking lot. We had the light, and the little hand that tells you to cross, ya can't go zippin along with those carts, one of my friends crossed ahead of me, she was halfway across, in the crosswalk, when the light changed. Guess what, those cars went anyhow. Some went in front of her, almost hit her, some went behind her. Thankfully she made it across without being hit. Light changed again, the little hand said go, I couldn't move, I was terrified to cross. She said ya can't stand there all night, I said go get the car and come back and get me. She said I am not leaving you standing on a corner by yourself, and I am not going to walk in that dark parking lot by myself, Westchester is like NYC area. Plus it was real cold and the wind was blowing. I stood there a good 15 min, before I would cross. If someone had hit my cat, I would literly, have started shooting people. :-O
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    Bumpurr's mom: I think people in general are just more impatient and inconsiderate of others. Just yesterday a co-worker and I went to CVS Pharmacy to get flu shots. The person in line was having a prescription filled for his ashma medicine. The clerk waiting on him said his co-pay was $190. The man gasped and asked "My co-pay is 10%, you mean this medication costs $1,900 dollard. The clerk looked VERY offended and said....."You have to take that up with your insurance company". The man gave up and left, and he happened to come back just after we got our flu shots and were turning in paperwork. He told the cleck he had talked to his insurance company, and the medication was $190, and his co-pay was $19. She was still very curt with him, but did re-enter the prescription into the computer, and sure enough, his co-pay was $19. However, she never apologized to the customer for her mistake.....in fact her attitude was as if HE had made the mistake. The New Orleans Kitties
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    Sorry, thought this was Facebook. My bad.
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