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Christina MinksChristina Minks 6 miles outside Festus,in the Member Posts: 9
edited 15 December, 2010 in Behavior & Training
Our oldest cat died peacefully in her sleep this morning. Mama Boo was 21. We are a very large multi cat household, but have the room and means to do so ( see the page for Kittie Kommittee) All the the kitties after waking me up and alerting me something was wrong, seemed to know Boo was dead. They all came up one by one and touched noses with her, then followed me out to the hill behind the house where we have a small pet cemetary. Boo\'s daughter Bitsey led the troop back to the house went to Boo\'s spot looked at the other cats and made a big show of laying down in Boo\'s spot. Her daughter Little Bit went to her mothers spot where she used to lay, and curled up in it. The cats all came over to both of them touched noses with Little Bit then Bitsey and have since gone about their normal routine.Only Boo and Bitsey had two special spots that only they were allowed to lay on,and if any other cat did the war was on. What did I witness here with Bitsey and Little Bit? Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?


  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 3 December, 2010
    This is Delyte. We are so sorry that your kitty went to the Bridge today. What a long and happy life she must have had! We have a pecking order here too, and I am at the top of it, being oldest, first cat and mean old guy. I get the rocking chair and the heated cat bed, and the sofa by our person. But if I am not using a spot, the others will take them, and they don't always relinquish them for me. Also, these other cats like to cuddle up with each other in a pile, and I do not like any other cat to touch me. So sometimes they will try to get next to me, and I swat them. However, I have started tolerating Queenie to lay next to me and on me. She is very warm and soft but awfully heavy. Our person thinks that Queenie knows I am not long for this world--I have kidney failure and am thin and smell funny--and she wants to take over as top cat when I go. Stella, the other girl cat, wants to be top cat, but her way of dominating is to jump on everyone and bite them real hard. It's going to be a zoo here when I go and it is not going to be resolved as simply as your gang has done it. Even though all your cats got to say good bye to their older sister, they may forget and start looking for her. You must give them extra attention and help them through this sad time for you all, and they will help you. Saddest purrs from all of us!
  • Christina MinksChristina Minks 6 miles outside Festus,in the Member Posts: 9
    edited 15 December, 2010
    Delyte, don\'t feel sad about Boo crossing over, she lived a very full and rich life. She had run of 23 acres out in the country, two sun porches to relax in when it was cold, a barn to explore and catch mice from to bring to Mom and Dad,full bowl of kitty food available when ever she wanted to eat, and all the treats, cuddles and love a kitty could want. She was Queen Cat ( after mom of course) and she knew it. She was the founding mother of the Kittie Kommittee, and respected elder. When she went, she was ready to go. Arthritis had started to stiffen her up her joints, but Mom kept her comfortable. The night she died she had even played Laser Mouse with the kittens although she was slow about it. Her crossing was full of peace and happiness, surrounded by her large brood. Mom misses her, but the rest of the Kommittee has gone about their normal routine since she was buried, and now pays the honors to the new Queen, Bitsey. If there was any cat that would Accend, Boo was the Jelical that would indeed do so. Please don\'t mourn Boo. Celebrate her life as we have. She was one of the best.|/a/|
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