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Attack kitty!

Shana SteppShana Stepp Member Posts: 118
edited 19 December, 2010 in Behavior & Training
I have an 11 yr old female cat named Kyah who is constantly trying to attack our 2 yr old male rescue named River. Kyah is the oldest cat in the house (we have seven cats all together). I've had Kyah since she was born. My mom (who is also my roomate) found River 2 summers ago while she was kyaking on the river. Poor River was screaming at her from the bank and when she paddled up to him, he jumped onto her boat and climbed on top of her head! He looked to be only around 8 or 9 weeks old. He was totally emaciated and my mom brought him home to nurse him back to health. River has always been really nervous. We have no idea what River experienced out in the woods. We think someone must have dumped him there because he was tame and had no fleas. He spent the first year with us hiding under my moms bed. We tried everything to get him out (pheramone plug-ins, natural calming meds to put in his water) and finally he started venturing out into the house. Not long after, Kyah started going after him whenever she saw him. River was terrified. He would hide under my moms bed for days after she would go after him. Sometimes she would catch him and claw at him. He would be shaking after. For the past 4 months or so there was peace but lately the attacks have started up again. We're kind of at our wits end. We have seven cats total in our house and Kyah doesn't go after any of the others. She's not too friendly with them but she tolerates them. I wonder if Kyah goes after River because she senses he is weak and unstable? I'm not making excuses for her but if she gets means with the other cats, they put her in her place and she backs down. How can I stop her from going after him? No kind of scolding stops her. Squirting her with water won't work because I never see these attacks coming. I can't isolate either one of them to a section of my house because my home is too small. Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else dealt with an anxiety-stricken cat? Or a cat who attacks another cat? Would love to hear some feedback on this one!


    edited 10 December, 2010
    oh poor River. I think you might be on the right track that the attacks happend because River is kinda scared and nervous. When little boy first came to live with us he would attack booboo all the time so we always gave her lots of extra luvin and some time just for her with us. After an attack, for just a little while we would lock little boy in the bathroom 10 or 15 minutes like a time out. Booboo finally started to attack back when he jumped her that was two years ago and they play together well now. We now have five kittes in our home and they all get along except for little arguements. I have read in feline bchavior books that someitimes if a cat is sick or smells of fear another cat might attack it.
  • Shana SteppShana Stepp Member Posts: 118
    edited 10 December, 2010
    The thing is, I put Kyah in time-out all the time but it doesn't seem to stop her. I also chase her after she attacks, clapping my hands at her and telling her she's a bad girl. She runs back to her home-base (my bedroom) but it won't be long till she goes after River again! I WAS hoping Kyah would eventually get over it and stop going after River, but it's been nearly two years of this and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. We did try holding Kyah and River close to eachother and letting them smell eachothers tails (safely) but River gets so upset by these encounters he shakes, and once we let him down he goes and hides for hours. I'm afraid that's doing more harm than good.
    edited 19 December, 2010
    oh I hope you are still cheking this forum, mom isn't a real expert on catster yet.............she was only looking at new and hot topics and for got to check for items that are not on new or hot. I dont think you said anything about the rescue rememdies and such...have you tried anyting like that? Do you know what we are talking about? Mom used to put it in our water, and she put it on the top of my mouth and now sometimes she puts it on my head (she read that helps stop stress) cause I get stressed over outside cats around my home. The dr also told her when I first came to live with booboo to put a VERY SMALL amount of her perfume on the top of each of our heads (so we could not lick it) and it would help us smell more alike (?) sorry we are not more help I hope there are others that have some advice for you we know what it is like to have kitties fighting and fearful in the home.
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