Wild kitten behavior

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Socko just turned six months old today and he is generally very sweet and shows a loving relationship with me, but this morning he showed nothing but anger and frustration. He was mad at me for some reason. I suppose it was because I put him on the carpet floor on his back and he didn't like that. I was going to rub the soft part of his body but he just flipped over, made a growl sounding noise, and scratched me with his back claws and bit my arm through my shirt and left pointy teeth marks. There are also deep claw marks all over my hand. So then I stood up and tried to leave him alone and he grabbed my leg and kicked it with his back legs and bit it really hard. It hurt real bad so I tried to get away but I was afraid I'd hurt him if I tried any harder to pull my leg away but I just had to pick him up and put him aside. I then tried to apologize by picking him up and snuggling him which he usually loves and purrs when I do but he just growled and bit my cheek, bit my glasses off and into the floor, and then struggled to get away. Then he ran up the strairs real fast and I followed. I later tried to apologize again by feeding him one of his favorite kinds of treats out of my hand and stroking his neck and head. He seemed to like that okay and rubbed up against me but he still did not seem quite as appreciative of it as he usually does. He has never been like this towards me until today. What should I do because I feel really bad?
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