low cal canned food

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edited 16 February, 2011 in Food & Nutrition
ok so I guess I must have had a blind eye & way too much stress to see that Smithwick has turned into a chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. He didn't really seem too big, but after I took pictures, and looked at them - he looks like a linebacker. He has been eating mostly Natural Balance canned (a few others all grain free) & the Blue Buffalo Wilderness. I picked up a few cans of the low calorie Natural Balance - they also have a dry low calorie - I thought of mixing that with the Blue Buff to help. Plus how do you figure out the calories in canned? And on top of that, I am not sure what he should really weigh, to figure the calories he actually should only get. He is a hunky 14 pounds, and he is about 9 months old. He truly acts like he will expire on the spot from starvation all the time, and he keeps finding where I hide Maizy's food. She is a nibbler - else she throws up, and I let her eat as much as she wants cause she cannot keep weight on -so I try to keep her bowl up high where he cannot get it, and yet he manages to get his little (ahem big) butt wherever I put it. I started giving him & Tigger 1/4 of a 3oz can wet in the moring first thing, then 1/6? of a cup dry,then more wet at night. BUt sometimes I feel like I am not feeding them enough. I do want to try & get them on even more wet - Maizy will always have dry - she won't eat enough wet to fill a thimble! I feel like a bad Mommy for letting him get fluffy....never had this issue with the other 2, but the past few months have been very stressful for me, and somehow I just did not catch it. So, I will be lurking around for diet tips, but just looking for any advice. How do I know what he should really weigh? I did get some good pics of the little football player, and I will put them up tomorrow.


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