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I need a little help on picking a new cat food brand....

Haley SheldonHaley Sheldon Member Posts: 248
edited 17 March, 2011 in Food & Nutrition
Ok well I currently feed Purina indoor formula to my cats (I know it is one of the worst brands out there, I'm educated) And that's why I want to switch, but I need a reasonably priced food that is good quality. I have looked on cat food review sites and they are really expensive, the good foods out there. Please help me out


  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
    edited 27 February, 2011
    Hi, Jasmine ~ My mom used to feed us Purina O.N.E., and we did fine on it. However, as she learned more, she wanted to switch us to a better food - and money most definitely was - and remains - an object. She found that Taste of the Wild dry food was about the same price as the O.N.E. - and cheaper if she bought it in the 15-pound bags. It's grain free, and we like it a lot! They also have a canned version, but it's chunky, and we don't like chunks, so Mom found Dave's canned. Their poultry flavors are pate style, which is what we like. So there's two ideas for you. Oh,yeah - Dave's isn't easy to find in stores (small company), but they do deliver to the eastern part of the country; the prices are acceptable. Look up Good luck!
  • edited 27 February, 2011
    hi we like to eat natures varitey dry food chicken one make sure its instincts or evo dry cat food. we dont like much canned food but will eat fancy feast. u can find food recommandtions here at which is alex's site.
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 27 February, 2011
    Thanks Nellie! Yes, I have a long list of grain free foods in the commercial foods section. Another good one is Merrick, not too expensive and a great food. You can also change up the brands, you don't have to stick to one brand or flavor of food. My two kitties Finnegan and Lacey never eat the same food in the course of one day. They eat several different ones. So do some other kitties on here. It's actually better for your kitty. =;
  • Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson Member Posts: 556
    edited 27 February, 2011
    Jasmine, we like Taste of the Wild for a less expensive grain-free option. Remember, too, that with a higher quality food, you will eat less of it making it last longer. I rotate about 3 foods for Isabelle at a time, so not entirely sure how long a 5lb bag of TOTW really lasts (costs me $10), but I'm guessing at least 45 days (Isabelle gets ~1/4 cup a day + a small serving of wet). Good luck! =;
  • Haley SheldonHaley Sheldon Member Posts: 248
    edited 27 February, 2011
    Thanks you guys, you're a big help to me :D
  • edited 27 February, 2011
    Is your kitty free fed? If you do free feed, discontinuing that will cut down on your expenses and be better for her health. It will also open up the option for you to buy the pricier brand and it will last longer. Those grain free brands have more crude protein which last longer in the gut. When I still fed cat food I fed Blue Wilderness. It goes on sale often with a Pet Pals card from Pets Mart. With this you are paying as much as you would for Science Diet. My super picky kitties loved it. Sometimes when switching from a food with grains to one without, your cat will snub it. Actually it most likely will happen. Those grainy foods are like potato chips and you're trying to get kitty to eat carrot sticks. Blue Wilderness (from the Blue Buffalo Company) worked best for us. Hoped this helped :^:
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 28 February, 2011
    Jasmine, if price IS an issue- well, even if it's not, do re-look at Purina ProPlan. It is actually much higher in protein than many of the pricey brans; I have repeatedly stood right in the store comparing something that was reccommended as 'better" to the ProPlan, and excepting that they contain potatoes or other veggies rather than grain, there isn't a difference, and in fact the ProPlan is often higher protein. I think sometimes we, Meowma included, are too quick to turn away from big corporations because of current views about them, but just because a product has cool packaging, comes from a smaller company that we see as 'more caring', etc. or has 'more natural ingredients' it is not a given that the quality is there. Remember, marketing and advertising departments are at work here, and doing a good job of what they are paid to do! We did find this link comparing chicken meal, corn gluten meal and meat meal that suggests to us that might be interesting to some people And another good, scientific link explaining the difference in meat, meat meal, etc(although it's talking about dogs, it's on the same subject and interesting for cats as well as dogs)
  • Marie CallinMarie Callin Member Posts: 494
    edited 1 March, 2011
    ProPan may be 40% protein but take a look at the actual ingrediant list. Where is most of the "protein" coming from? Brewer's rice, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, soy protein isolate, brewer's dried yeast,... There is very little meat in the proplan, first ingrediant is technically chicken, however it really isn't. The ingrediant list is made BEFORE the product is cooked. Therefore, chicken is going to wiegh the most, but it is about 80% water and gets cooked down to 10% - making it, after the process, the 5th or 6th ingrediant, not the first. Brewer's Rice, and Corn Gluten Meal are making up the bulk of the food in reality. That being said, I would recommend switching over to feeding wet food instead of dry. Click here for a list of grain free foods. The most economical food, to buy, is going to be the Friskies listed on there. But, you want to not feed much fish flavors. If money isn't an issue, then I'd personally recommend feeding a wide variety of the canned foods listed on Alex's site (
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 2 March, 2011
    My proplan bag actually lists chicken meal also, before the soybean etc. And the grain free varieties I've seen just have potatoes or other starches where the corn and rice are. If there isn't a proven allergy to grain, same problem, only more expensive. ProPlan also has canned varieties that are good, as does FancyFeast. Anyway, I agree that wet is better; some of us won't eat it, so my answer was only aimed at dry food. And wet is very expensive when feeding several cats. As I previously said, if the OP wanted a reasonably priced food, I feel that ProPlan is more cost effective than many of the 'premium' dry foods. You might want to go to the other "thread I started, "Interesting article, what's really in pet food, before calling major brands junk compared to lesser known companies.
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
    edited 2 March, 2011
    Just looked at the bag again while Meowma was feeding, it (PP) also contains fish meal and egg. In any case, I like it and we don't end up donating the majority to the shelter when I won't eat it, which is nice but gets expensive. Meowma is just glad the kittens will eat canned as well as other things.
  • Amy WescottAmy Wescott Member Posts: 12
    edited 17 March, 2011
    My kitten was started on Kitten Chow but I switched brands after a little research online a week later. I found this cat food that is pretty inexpensive for a better quality brand. It is called "Chicken Soup For The Kitten Lovers Soul" Iyt has pretty good ingredients in it too, like 5 real meats. No By products etc. They have different formulas for different stages, like kitten, adult, weight control, and Seinor. They also make canned variety too, (but my kitten does not really like it that much) As soon as I put the bowl down with the chicken soup dry food next to the kitten chow, she never ate the kitten chow again, it just sat there in her bowl for a week before I threw it away. Now she only wants the Chicken Soup kind. The thing with Chicken Soup it is not sold in big pet stores like Petco or Petsmart. If you go on the web site there is a store locator button to find a place near you like a smaller petstore, feedstore, kennel,etc. I found a few places that sell this brand that are real close to me that I never knew exsisted so is much closer to travel than to go to the big pet stores anyway! It is: There is a brand I bought from the pet store as a 25 cent sample that she loves too, but more expensive though, so I use it as a training reward or as a little treat. it is called Surf & Turf grain free from the company called FROMM.
  • Buddy BooBuddy Boo Member Posts: 39
    edited 17 March, 2011
    Meow! I know it's been posted before but this veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Pierson, lists some economical choices for food, and explains -- no matter the price of the food -- how it's the carbohydrates we need to avoid . (Even some 'bestest' foods out there can have too many carbs for us.) There is information from Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins here, too (It's a site for Sugar Kitties, but the information helps all-around kitty health, helps prevent Diabetes :>) :^:
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