I\\\'m getting a bit skinny these days

mary kerseymary kersey Member Posts: 34
edited 16 June, 2011 in Senior Cats
I am 14 and am getting a bit skinny. Has anyone any suggestions for putting a bit more muscle on?


  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 8 June, 2011
    Hi Marmite. I noticed you're eating Royal Canin. Is it grain free? What you really should be getting is a higher quality protein, grain free, low carb wet food. Especially at your age, you could use the protein for muscle mass. Nature's Variety, Merrick, Evo, Natural Balance, foods like that are good. Are you eating dry food or wet? You should be on wet food to avoid any kidney and bladder problems as you age. Also, your mom might want to consider putting you on B12 daily. There's one that my mom gives Finney and Lacey, it's a really tiny pill and she just sticks it in a treat and they don't even taste it. As kitties age, just like in humans, they lose their stores of B12 in their systems and are not as able to store it like before. You wouldn't believe the difference it makes. It's water soluble and non toxic. let me know if you're interested and I'll pawmail you a link to get it. It's very inexpensive. Those are good starts Marmite! :D
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    You might also consider feeding 'some' dry kitten food that is low in veggie ingredients even if it's not totally grain free, in addition to the canned; kitten foods are specifically designed to put on weight. Do be sure to drink enough water! In general, Meowma agrees about canned food, but has found that it's REALLY hard to get weight on underweight cats or those who need extra calories without feeding at least some but not all dry. Meowma is following her mentor's example, who has not only bred cats in a reputable way for 35 years but is a vet--the breeding kitties all get mostly wet, with a supplemental 1/4 cup a day of dry made for kittens to keep weight on during breeding, pregnancy, and nursing. Thisseems to work great, and there are no obese or overweight cats in the cattery. In fact, the Burmese standard calls for us to be in, quote "perfect" condition, neither underweight or underweight. So it's kind of a challenge for those of us who need a little 'pad' to gain it!
  • mary kerseymary kersey Member Posts: 34
    edited 9 June, 2011
    Thank you Alex I will pass this on to my mum and ask her to look into it for me. she says she is getting me some Royal Canin Ageing pouches as she tried me on one and I loved it. The B12 sounds interesting.
  • mary kerseymary kersey Member Posts: 34
    edited 9 June, 2011
    Pandora, thanks for the advice. My mum will try this too. She bought me a pet fountain which helps me keep drinking. However I like to drink the water she has put in her glass after her daily Fybogel best and also puddles in the garden. She does not approve but I dont care!!!
  • Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
    edited 10 June, 2011
    Hi Alex, Could you kindly pawmail me with the link, too? I would really like it for the b12 to take! Or mommy would. Mommy actually bought some kitten food for me. Mommy has tried to put me on 'better' food before, but I seem to have some stomach issues with it, so Mommy is trying to figure out if maybe she gets something like Blue Buffalo and puts a bit in with my regular food at a time if that will help...she doesn't want me to loose any more weight. Mommy and Daddy are going to have to put me in for a sonogram...mommy is concerned about my weight loss, and daddy agrees. I get some fluids under my skin, 3x a week. My thyroid test is fine...and mommy was surprised. I'm somewhat tender on my stomach...so they will probably rerun the sonogram...I had one in Nov. My mommy also was wondering if there are any 'suppliments' for Elderwise kitties, the same way that there are suppliments like ensure for human folk? Does anyone know?
  • Marta GasperMarta Gasper FairburyMember Posts: 636
    edited 11 June, 2011
    Marmite..we seniors get Babycat kibble and Before Grain canned. I was skin and bones practically when I was rescued and put on weight with Babycat, sometimes we get Nutrical and formula(I know we\'re spoiled;) and only as a treat we get Purina1, Purina Cat and Kitten Chow(mom runs a rescue so there\'s always kitten food around;)
  • Elizabeth KElizabeth K ChicagoMember Posts: 11,036
    edited 13 June, 2011
    I have the same problem I am very skinny now. My vet thinks however I could possibly have some mild thyroid issues that could be causing it although my bloodwork was ok...
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
    edited 16 June, 2011
    Marmite, have you had a check up/blood test at the vets recently? High thyroid is fairly common in older cats and it revs up your metabolism and you'll lose weight even if you eat a lot. If you do have it it's easy to treat with a daily pill or a creme that your mum can rub on the inside of your ear. The blood test that includes the thyroid test will also cover other things like diabetes or kidney issues that could also cause you to lose weight.
  • Universal WhispererUniversal Whisperer Member Posts: 595 ✭✭
    edited 16 June, 2011
    You should have a vet checkup done. Getting skinny is often one of the very first noticeable signs an old cat is developing age related kidney failure. With diagnosis, special diet, and supportive treatment, a cat with age related kidney failure can often still have a good length of quality life time left. Hyperthyroidism is another common senior cat problem that causes skinniness. This too, is a problem where a cat can have plenty of quality life time left if the cat receives regular necessary medication. The sooner the cat is diagnosed and started on appropriate treatments, the better.
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