Should I get another cat?

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Hi! I'm new here, and I wanted to get some opinions on this. I currently have two cats, Phoebe (3) and Gizmo (1). A few weeks ago, I moved out of my parents house into a 3 bedroom townhouse. At my parents house, the cats had someone home with them all day, and another cat, Chandler (13). Chandler stayed at my parents house as he's very attached to my mom and has to be medicated twice a day for a thyroid problem. Gizmo was attached to Chandler (though Chandler didn't always appreciate it). They would wrestle and Gizmo would groom Chandler. Chandler is pretty laid-back and tolerated it even if he didn't love having his ears licked by Gizmo. Phoebe is more independent. She loves people and she loves to play, but isn't really interested in other cats. She'll tolerate them, but doesn't really want to be bothered. Gizmo is the opposite, he is always trying to engage her, but most of the time he gets rejected. I work all day, so now Gizmo and Phoebe are home by themselves. My mom has been coming over several times a week during the day while I'm at work so to try to make the transition a little easier on them. Gizmo often walks around meowing and looking for things to do, and he has been keeping me up most of the night howling. At my parents house, he and Chandler would play at night, but here, Phoebe is content to sleep with me in my bed, so I think he's bored. He has gotten a little better over the past few weeks as he's gotten used to the house, but I'm concerned with me being gone all day and getting rejected all the time from Phoebe that he's going to be very lonely. Gizmo does seem to get a little jealous of "his humans" giving other cats attention though. If I pet Phoebe, or Chandler when I lived at home, he would race over and demand attention. So, I'm not sure how he would react to a new kitten taking some of the attention away from him. He's also not super excited about new people/new things, so would a new kitten so soon after moving to a new house be too much for him? Any thoughts/opinions on this would be very appreciated!
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