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Nature's Variety 15% off sale

Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
edited 15 October, 2011 in Food & Nutrition
Petco now carries Nature's Variety (canned and dry), and I wanted to pass along that there's a 15% off sale until October 22. And the regular prices on the canned foods are actually better than I've seen elsewhere (this is surprising because normally I've found the chain stores to be pricer). All the NV Instinct canned foods were priced at $1.59 for the 5.5 oz cans, and on sale for $1.35. Instinct includes about 6 different protein options: Chicken, Lamb, Rabbit, Beef, Venison and Duck. I think I've seen the rabbit and other more unusual proteins for over $2.00 a can at other stores, so right now I think Petco has some good prices for a good quality canned food. |^| P.S. I see that there's some info about the NV sale in another thread. I just thought I'd start a thread to let everyone know because it seems like a really good deal! :D We chowed down on the NV canned food ~ yummy!


  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
    edited 12 October, 2011
    We LUV the Nature's Variety Instinct canned food!! YUM! We have 5 different flavors we eat. We order our cat food online and ordered it this week from Nice we are able to get both Wellness and the NV from Petco now. ~a~
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
    edited 13 October, 2011
    Hiya Gump :-h Thanks for the info! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Natures Variety canned food. So yummy! As most of my friends know, lamb is my favorite!!! I will definately let mom know. Thanks again!
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
    edited 13 October, 2011
    Hiya Hunter and Zoey! :-h Yay, glad to share the info. We're excited to start eating more of the NV canned food. Mom picked it up occasionally before, but it was usually too expensive, but now we're going eat more of it since we found it at Petco and the prices are better. Mom thinks it's cool too that they have all the six different varieties there - other stores usually only have a couple varieties. Though I have to say, we tried the Venison this morning and my sis and I weren't as excited about that one. Rabbit was yummy and I'm excited to try the Lamb. Chicken is always good too. Happy eating! |^| I do wonder why they put artichokes in this food. We are cats after all. :n:
  • Stevi KayStevi Kay Member Posts: 96
    edited 14 October, 2011
    Here is a coupon for $5.00 off NV good at Petco m_mmc=emailpost-_-20111002PostOctober-_-20110929_ACTIVETIER2ONLINE-_ -DOGCATNaturesCoupon&cm_em=19294374 I ended up paying just over $3.00 for a 2.2 pound bag of the dry.
  • SammySammy Member Posts: 3,391
    edited 14 October, 2011
    Thank you Gumpy for posting this :-h Mom is going to Petco tonight to buy more canned food for us and wants to try this brand. She's hoping we will like it, we are purrty picky ya know ;)
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
    edited 15 October, 2011
    Hey there Sammy! :-h Hope you like the Nature's Variety canned food! I like it, but now Mom thinks the phosphorus content of the NV food is a little high for my older kidneys (food chart and info from Tanya's CRF site, click here). Oh well, I guess I won't be getting a lot of it, but my sis likes it and she'll still get some. Has your mom ever tried Merrick canned food? Some of those are favorites of ours. We like Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Cowboy Cookout and Grammy's Pot Pie. They sound good and they are! Just thought I'd mention those cuz I really like them. Happy eating and I hope you're doing well! :B
  • SammySammy Member Posts: 3,391
    edited 15 October, 2011
    So far, so good =; We devoured a can of NV's Lamb this morning, it was quite yummy! Three of us really liked it, Luke is the only one who sniffed it and walked away :)) We have also tried Merrick's Thanksgiving Dinner and Grammy's Pot Pie and sometimes we eat the entire can, other times we barely touch it. Mom is quite perplexed as to why we sometimes love a certain food and other times we barely touch it. She rotates our food so we don't get tired of eating the same thing, but we still can be quite picky at times. We bought one can in every flavor of the NV Instincts, so paws crossed that we like some more of them |^|
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