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Best (yes inexpensive) Food for a Senior, Healthy Cat

Sarah RapierSarah Rapier CharlotteMember Posts: 9
edited 15 November, 2011 in Food & Nutrition
Hello furriends :) My mum has been going back and forth between foods for a while. I used to only eat the wet food Royal Canin for Adults but that really got expensive... plus since I'm getting older, my mommy really wants to keep my teeth healthy, and she's heard that hard food can help with tartar build up. Ever since I've been between Meow Mix (because it's my weakness. I love that stuff!) and Purina ONE. I've stuck with Purina ONE for a while now, though. My mom was just wondering if there's anything else she can do to ensure that she's feeding me the best way so I live much longer than 16 years! I had a urinary bladder infection back in 2004 due to lack of water intake. Since that scare my mom has made sure to keep fresh water out for me. That's also why I started eating wet food for a while. I tend to waste wet food though. I like to snack, not eat big meals so if I let the food sit out too long, it'll dry up and I won't eat it. Dry food has been working great. So I guess my question is - Is dry Purina ONE a good/healthy food for a 16 year old, fairly healthy kitty like me? Sorry for chattering!! :r Misty :^: -meow!


  • Stevi KayStevi Kay Member Posts: 96
    edited 21 October, 2011
    I am not a senior, but I can't eat a can of kitty food at one sitting. What my mommie does is she gives me a 1/4 can in the morning, then at lunch, dinner and then at bedtime. Plus I get a 1/4 cup of dry that I munch on through out the day. So maybe your mommie can split up your wet food to 3 or 4 times a day. Then leave you, your bowl of dry so if you want to nibble between the wet. My mommie was just looking at the Purina page and was wondering which you buy? She compared Purina One, Purina One Smart Blend 7+ and Purina One Beyond and then Iams Healthy Naturals Dry Cat Food. Between the 4 she would lean more towards the Iams. Reason being it has chicken, then chicken by products as the first two ingredients, then in 6th place it has chicken meal. Mom thinks that a named by product is better then a no named (poultry or animal)by product. Iam's is $7.67 for a 3.5 pound bag at Walmart, about the same price as the Purina. Besides comparing the brands Mom is not much help, but hopes this helps a little bit Misty.
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 21 October, 2011
    I would love to see you go grain free and you can do it by giving the gluten and grain free cans of Fancy Feast if cost is an issue. I know it's got by products but most of the other stuff is a little more expensive. You could do Natural Balance Limited Ingredient cans which are cheaper than Royal Canin for sure. Wellness, Soulistic, stuff like that. I have a whole list of grain free foods on my website on this page: There are higher end ones and grocery store brands to choose from but the flavors I list are all grain free and at least better for her. :D
  • Adriana SolerAdriana Soler Member Posts: 1
    edited 21 October, 2011
    Hi Misty, After reading your question I was wondering did you ever think of feeding raw? I know this sounds scary but if you go to you can read up on it. They are also very good at answering any questions you may have. It sounds like you might well be on your way to that. When feeding raw you are suppose to eat only small amounts because it is so nutritionaly dense. Usually you take what you need and defrost it and serve and that's it. The only thing is that in the beginning not all cats take to raw because the raw food is practically odorless so you may have to mix some wet or dry food with it. For a 10 lb cat they should only eat about 1.5 ounces per serving.. a total of 3 servings a day. And it has been known that feeding raw prevents many cat diseases along with urinary infectons..and keeps teeth clean. I'm only suggesting this because I have two cats and have been feeding them raw for about 4 years now and my kitties (knock on wood) haven't been sick. so I like to give advise only when it is based on my own experience. I do have to say my own experience has been a positive one with raw. Hope this helps. good luck ;)
  • Lisa ProvostLisa Provost Member Posts: 4,486
    edited 21 October, 2011
    Actually I didn't even think of that, MOL. Raw is a good idea if she'd eat it! :D
  • Mary DubuissonMary Dubuisson Member Posts: 296
    edited 21 October, 2011
    Hi Misty! I'm a senior cat too! I'm 14 years old, going on 15 soon, and am apt to have my "senior" moments as mom calls them. Momma is a Pet Nutrition Specialist for Nutro, and at our house we eat Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Mature Health Dry, as well as a variety of wet food, usually half a can a day to split between the three of us that live here. We like Nutro because it's all natural, and has good levels of glucosamine in it for joint heath. Our skin and fur are still beautiful, and with all the antioxidants for our immune system, we've managed to stay healthy too! Here is a link to Nutro's website if you'd like to find out more, and feel free to pawmail with questions as well. Momma likes to talk about anything and everything. :)
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
    edited 21 October, 2011
    What no one has really clarified is that wet food is so much healthier for your senior than dry. Dry will not help clean her teeth - only raw bones or tough raw meat like gizzards will do that. And the fact that you've already had bladder issues is another reason to keep her on all canned. As you know, those issues developed because she wasn't getting enough fluids. A cat on a dry food diet can't drink enough water to keep their system flushed. That's the best part about canned. Wet food contains enough fluid to keep her hydrated. You can feed her more frequent, smaller meals and you can feed some of the healthier Fancy Feast or Friskies flavors to keep costs down. Alex's website has a great list of foods. Raw food is even better than canned, but if you can't do raw, at least eliminate the dry from her diet and you'll keep her healthy a good long time!
  • Ralphie RandyRalphie Randy Member Posts: 399
    edited 21 October, 2011
    In addition to the great advice the others have given, I would suggest warming the leftover canned food that you've kept in the fridge when you divide a can for smaller meals. My spoiled cats don't want to eat unless their food is warmed, and they both downright refuse to eat food cold out of the fridge. You can buzz it in the microwave, but I prefer to run a bit of hot water in the sink with their stainless steel bowls as I smoosh the food.
  • Dawn HarmanDawn Harman SpeedwellMember Posts: 1,079
    edited 25 October, 2011
    :-h Ralphie &- Randy, Us Cats like to eat our wet,raw or canned by the temperature of the food. Meaning we prefer it to be body temp.So warming it up does make it more appealing.
  • Amber FrielAmber Friel WebsterMember Posts: 690
    edited 15 November, 2011
    Hello :-h I recently went through the same problem as I was in a tough financial situation, which no body can help somtimes. I too have Senior Cats, two to be exact. Stinky is 11 and Sylvester is 13. I did a mixture between Purina One:Hairball formula as my cats get many hairballs and Iams Original:Chicken Flavor. An on the side I also provide my cats with Tuna, Trout, Salmon, and Kitty Treats that have Ocean Whitefish etc. An everything worked good for us, now we recently switched to Taste of the Wild: Canyon River formula, which we are now very excited to try.~a~
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