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Please help me this is my first cat

Trista DossettTrista Dossett Member Posts: 13
edited 10 November, 2011 in Food & Nutrition
Ok so I was told Taste Of The Wild is the best brand food FOR DOGS so I expected it to be okay for my cat as well. I feed Eleka Taste Of The Wild Canyon Formula Dry Food and she seems to be doing well (except she did get fat but that's because I was free feeding her. I am now only feeding her 1/2 a cup a day..please correct if that is the wrong amount.) Anyway on to my question.. My vet asked me what I was feeding her and I told him..he demanded I switch her to wet food..there's 2 reasons why I do not want to do this if it is not absolutely necessary.. 1. TOTW wet food can get expensive when buying several cans at once 2. When I was giving Eleka wet food before she got soft stools from it. Is it absolutely necessary to switch her or can I stay with the kibble?


  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
    edited 9 November, 2011
    Hi Eleka wish I could write more here but I can only stay on computer for a minute, having neck pain issues. Anyhow I would suggest that you go to a site called this will give you the answers to all your questions about feline nutrition. Also types of food that are not as expensive, and how much to feed. Im sure others will chime in here with more info, but that site is a very good start. =;
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
    edited 9 November, 2011
    It is better to feed a cat wet food. You don't have to feed TOTW wet food. There are so many others out there. I tried to feed my Hunter TOTW but he didn't like it. Although my dog likes it fine. Definiately read It'll help you understand feline nutrition better. You don't have to go all wet food if you don't want to. I feed my Hunter about 95% wet food and he gets orijen Kibble. Wet food has higer protein, lower carbs and has a ton more moisture than dry. Cats are carnivores and thrive on protein rich foods. Check out and click on commercial foods. Thats where I went to find all the different brands of cat food to feed Hunter. Its a great website run by Angel Alex and her mom! Check it out! Good luck with your first kitty!!
  • Michelle ChittendenMichelle Chittenden Norton ShoresMember Posts: 45
    edited 9 November, 2011
    Hello, I would also like to stress how important it is to feed a cat wet food. I have read that wet food is 75%+ water, whereas dry food is 5-7%, and most cats do not drink enough water for that to sustain them! My kitty had problems with hydration and is now on a full wet food diet and he is doing so much better! It also helps to maintain weight! I know it's an extra cost but I promise you it will make all the difference - preventative maintenance! :D Congrats on your first cat adoption! ;P
  • Laurel KowalskiLaurel Kowalski Gateway to the WestMember Posts: 486
    edited 9 November, 2011
    Here is a tip. Click the wet food tab on ibdkitties website. Now print the list. Take your $10 off $40 Petsmart coupon or $5 off $25 Petco coupon for this week and shop for the Fancy Feast or Friskies on the list. There are also coupons for Nature's Variety canned food you can print too. Petco has 3 lbs. free kibble if you buy canned Merrick too. It does not have to break the bank to feed canned food. Now if only I could get my crew to eat more canned. They just love the duck kibble.
  • BambergcatBambergcat Member Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
    edited 9 November, 2011
    Cats never drink enough and it causes problems down the line with their health. My first cat also ate only dry food until he got a blockage in his urinary tract. It costed me quite a bit to have it taken care of or he would not have survived. It would have been cheaper for me to give him wet food only. There are people here who differ and I respect their opinion but I am using only wet for both of my cats. I order their food online. I like Wellness, Grain Free, food for mine. It is the grains that makes them so tubby. I get my food from Pet Food direct. They send it to my home and it saves me time. Petco and the others sell it. I would give my cat half a can in the morning and half at night. Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.....Enjoy this cat ....Congrats....
  • ZACKandZOEYZACKandZOEY Cave Creek, AZMember Posts: 12,043 ✭✭
    edited 10 November, 2011
    How exciting to have your first cat! I believe that feeding wet food is very important for the cat's health. It is a good way for the cat to stay hydrated plus keep their weight in check. You could try a different canned food and find one that doesn't give your kitty loose poopies. There are plenty of good choices out there. We eat Wellness and Nature's Variety Instinct. I figure paying more for healthy food now will save you lots of money later in vet costs! Have fun with your kitty!
  • Jennifer HearinJennifer Hearin Member Posts: 1,939
    edited 10 November, 2011
    I think you're lucky to have a vet that 'demanded' you feed Eleka wet food! That's not too common. I have to agree with the others about wet food being healthier for a number of reasons. The site Shadow gave you explains it well. There are ways to save money with wet food - the larger cans (12 or 13 ounce) can help you save some money, and check around for prices - prices can vary at different stores. Wellness and a couple other brands offer the large cans. As far as the soft stools, sometimes it just takes kitty's systems some time to adjust to wet food if they have been on dry for a while. Actually any new food can cause some soft stools, but they should normalize over time. Best wishes!
  • Christie BrownChristie Brown Member Posts: 231
    edited 10 November, 2011
    Just want to let you know we save a good bit of money buying canned cat food online (and buying bigger cans.) Even with shipping added in it is cheaper than going to PetSmart.
  • Lori NaipoLori Naipo GiffordMember Posts: 33
    edited 10 November, 2011
    Our Figaro loves the food and supplements from Life's Healthy Pet Food. I was glad to find it. It is formulated by a Holistic Veterinarian and is made in small batches so you get it fresher than other companies that can be up to 6 years old by the time you buy it. I was especially impressed with their low shipping cost. I averaged the price out and compared it to other brands and it is very comparable just a lot healthier. Our best friends should be living longer and healthier lives than what they are. I truly feel it is the nutrition we feed them. Always introduce a new food gradually so their digestive system can get use to it. I am able to feed him less than I did with other foods because of the nutritional ingredients. So our food last us longer. The site gives you all the necessary info. needed. Check it out.
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