packing on those holiday pounds!

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I eat a lot of dry food (indoor formula) all day and my mommy feeds me 1/3rd can of wet food (indoor formula) in the morning with a little water in it so I eat it. She does not give me anymore till the next day but I always have dry food. She also gives me a couple treats when she leaves in the morning (I think she feels bad that I am being left all day while she works!). I started to notice that I am gaining some weight and I would like to blame some of it on the holidays but I don't think thats it! How can I lose some weight?? Is it what I am eating?? Thanks ! :-k


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    Maybe you should try feeding her more wet food than dry. Check out and click on commercial foods. Thats how I chose the food Hunter eats. Most cats, not all, will gain weight on dry food. I think it all depends on the cats genetics. I've seen cats eat dry food all their lives and are at a perfect weight. Then on the other hand, I've seen cats eat dry food and weigh up to 20 pounds. Wet food it supposed to stabilize weight. It'll help cats who are overweight to lose it, and those who need more pounds, will gain it. Plus, it helps if your cat is active. If not, play with her more. Feather flyers/Da bird toys will get your cat jumping and running. Great work out. Also, laser lights seem to be a big hit. I work too and at first I had to make a feeding schedule out for Hunter. He is a pretty big boy physically, but weighs only 9.5 pounds and he is almost 2! He is super fit and trim, but I blame that on his activity. Hunter does not stop moving, EVER! This is Hunters schedule and what I feed him: 6:00am Breakfast 1 3oz. can of Fancy Feast Classic 3:30pm One 1/4 scoop of Orijen Cat food (Kibble) 8:00pm Half a 5.5 ounce can of Addiction (buffalo, Rabbit), Natures Variety (Lamb, beef), or Merrick BG (Chicken & Quail, Beef) He doesn't eat all of it either. Most of the time his kibble will last 2 days. So if I were you, I'd switch it up to more wet food, and ditch the kibble for a bit. See if she looses weight and then if you want, add a tiny bit of kibble as treats. Just my opinion. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!
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    I had to start measuring out my cats' dry food. Izzy is petite and eats only what she wants but Nandi is a big cat (when I hold her on her back and she stretches her legs out she can touch the walls of the stairwell) but she also loves to eat. She was gaining weight more than she should have so after moving her food to another room we had to start measuring out their dry food (and they get wet food later at night when I get home from work). She still has a little belly it seems but her weight is stable now. I give them 1c dry (Blue Wilderness) in the mornings and they split a can of wet (Nutro Natural Choice) at night. They get to go visit the vet in the next couple weeks so we'll see what he has to say. Better to try to slim them down sooner rather than later. Good luck!
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