Moving Cross-Country, Questions from Nervous Mommy

LeAnna CollinsLeAnna Collins SummervilleMember Posts: 10
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Hi there everyone! Long time no chat! :D My mommy is moving with her fiancee (who I love!) from Washington State to South Carolina. It's about 3,000 miles she tells me! Mommy is nervous that I will cry and refuse to eat or go to the bathroom when they stop at hotels overnight. I have a bladder issue that creates crystals in my urethra if I don't stay hydrated and go potty often, and she doesn't want to have to double-traumatize me with a big move and then a visit to a new vet. My soon-to-be-Daddy says we'll be driving his big truck and towing a trailer, so what kind of crate/restraint would be most comfortable for me in there? Mommy also would like some tips on meds to ask my vet about, and tips on how to keep me eating and drinking throughout the trip? Thanks Catster friends! Love, Mommy, Tigger, and Daddy. :^:


  • Barbara FruinBarbara Fruin Member Posts: 614
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    Tigger, I'm sorry you haven't gotten an answer yet, but you can search the Forums for "moving" and I'm sure you'll find some answers there!|^|
  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
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    Hi, Tigger!:-h Wow, 3,000 miles! That's one long trip, for sure! We've never made a trip that long, but Mom does take the three of us to her mountain cabin a few times a year - and we do hate the trip, but what can we do?:? Mom bought a couple of large kennels/crates - the plastic kind; she bought them big enough to hold a comfy bed and a makeshift litter box. I admit - the box doesn't often get used, and I understand you need to "go" frequently. Your mom needs to ask your doctor about that. Our trip is "only" 5 - 6 hours (seems a lot longer!), so it's not a problem for us. The kennels are in the cargo area of the SUV; I have one, and Blue has one. (The prinCESS Althea, of course, is not required to be so confined. She wears a harness and leash, with the loop of the leash looped over the armrest; she has a litterbox on the floor behind the passenger seat, and she does use it while we're enroute.) I'd suggest taking some of the water you're used to drinking; something different might upset the stomach. And here's an idea that just occurred to me: get some meat baby food (make sure there's no onion or garlic in it) and mix that with a little water. The baby food will be a treat, and that, slong with the extra water you'll add, will increase the fluid intake. That's all I can offer right now; I hope someone with more experience will offer more suggestions. (I am so glad to hear that you'll be driving and not flying - way too many sad stories about that in the news lately.) Best of luck to you in your new home!
  • Andrea DailyAndrea Daily GainesvilleMember Posts: 72 ✭✭
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    Tigger, Patricia had to ride in a car 15 hours and stay overnight in a hotel. Surprisingly, she did not meow like she always did during vet trips. But as I expected, she was very scared. I left the carrier's side door open so she had access to food, water, and her litterbox at all times. She did get out of it, but waited until we were in our hotel room to go potty despite the pit stops. Every time Mom drove off the freeway for rest, food, or gas, I petted my cat. The carrier has a top door so I did not have to take her out. She never tried to get out of the car when I left a door open to pet her.
  • Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
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    I didn't go as far as you did, friend, but did do a trip from NY to Gulf Shores and back. I did ok, but I'm a chill mellow guy. Daddy had my carrier open and I could come out and sit on the seat beside him or on the boxes in the back and I would go back into my carrier to use the box. Mommy bought me a big big carrier for the occasion, so my litter box and a place to lay down were there. She wasn't sure how I'd do and wanted me to be safe. I refused my cat food on the road, but sure did not refuse the grilled chicken from waffle house daddy got for me, or the deil meat he picked up for me along the way. In mommy's words 'I got OVER!' There were things done to help me feel comfortable. Feliway was used. My crate was where I ate dinner for a week prior to the move. Mommy made sure my own blanket was part of what I had with me. Discuss the matter with your vet. Mommy didn't have tranqs for me, but the vet did supply her with some cerenia for car sickness, in case. I did not need it, though I did get car sick once coming home from a vacation with mom and dad.
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