The runt of the litter, going to be a runt for life?

Jillian CampagnolaJillian Campagnola Member Posts: 61
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Not sure if Toast was an actual "runt" but he was significantly smaller than all his sisters, both in structure and the fact that he was under weight. All kittens were the same colour almost exactly but they were from the pound so they could have different fathers, but it seems unlikely. He's 14 weeks as of yesterday and around 2.5 pounds, maybe a bit more as the vet weighed him a week and a half ago. He always seemed to have shorter legs, though they have stretched in the last week, he has a long body, and a little head with little ears. What do you guys think? Usually orange cats get pretty big, so I'm told, but he was the smallest of the litter by a decent margin! As for his breed, no idea. I think he is just a domestic longhair/mix breed housecat. :) A cute one!


  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
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    I was smaller than my sister as a kitten. I have pictures in my Photo Album. I didn't stay small for long. I grew into a big 17 pound cat :D Don't worry, you'll grow bigger =;
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
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    Welcome to CATSTER, Toast, and bless your human for adopting a shelter cat. We agree with Merlin, you will probably grow to a normal sized cat. We visted your page and left you a present. Our meowmy just about melted from the cutness of your photos....MOL..MOL. The New Orleans Kitties:w)
  • janice lancasterjanice lancaster temple gaMember Posts: 2,505
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    Suzy Q lost weight at 2 weeks, then stayed the same for 2 more while the rest of us got fatter and fatter; Meowma had to help our mom feed her, cause there were too many of us. Now Suzy Q is still a bit smaller than the rest of us, but she will be a normal sized cat, about 7 pounds probably which is an averag size for femal Burmese. I think it depends more on genetics and nutrition than birth size; if you had been malnourished you might stay tiny, otherwise, we doubt it.
  • Jillian CampagnolaJillian Campagnola Member Posts: 61
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    Thank you for the responses and the presents, Toast is super excited and very happy to be told how cute he is... hopefully it doesn't go to his head! :P Haha! I have no preference for how big he will be, so I feel like it'll be fun to see how he grows. :) I weighed him today now that we have access to a scale and he has hit 3 pounds! Super exciting! He's also learning the joys of being friends with a dog. There was a "getting use to" period but they have settled into a sort of mutual acceptance, although he just can't resist pouncing on that wagging tail!
  • Elizabeth KElizabeth K ChicagoMember Posts: 11,036
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    It's hard to say. In Mr Grey's litter, there were 3 kittens much smaller than the rest (it was a litter of 7.) I don't know why they were smaller, since they were feral kittens I found at 3 weeks old but Mr Grey was WAY smaller and skinnier than his littermates, as were the other 2 runts but he was the smallest of them all. I think I have a few photos in his Catster Photobook of him as a baby next to his littermates so you can see the difference... Anyway, Mr Grey and one of the other runts stayed small as kittens but they eventually caught up to the rest of the litter once they were teenagers. Mr Grey is now 9 pounds same as some of his littermates. However the other "runt" Harley never caught up and as an adult she is still very small, about 7.5 pounds. Most of the other cats in the litter including the females are around 9-10 pounds. One of their other littermates Spot is much bigger though, at 14 pounds!
  • BambergcatBambergcat Member Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
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    Runts don't stay that way for long....We do catch up. I was the runt and had a very little tale. The vet told my mistress that I would not get big.....Well, I became a very large Maine Coon cat with the longest tail that you have ever seen.....I lived until I was sixteen years old....not bad for a runt who had to be wean by his mistress. I nearly died because I was so small and not weaned. She saved my life by rushing me to the vet. Runts do grow.......Ben, G.A.
  • Jillian CampagnolaJillian Campagnola Member Posts: 61
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    Very interesting. :) I guess it'll be a mystery, although our vet is sure that he will be somewhat big as apparently male orange cats have that habit.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
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    Red is a very hard color to break, so since the other kittens in the litter are red, and the fact that feral kitties can have more than one father, hence, thats why some kittens in the litter, have different colors, my best guess is that the mother was red. As far as how big kittens get, genetics plays a big part of it, if you could have know who the momma and daddy looked like, you would have a better idea. The rest of how it turns out, is feeding, that is huge, especially with a kitten, and care. Cowboy and Cruiser are from the same litter. Their mother was on the small side, she was red with white paws, white chest. The father was blue, and a big boy. All the kittens in the litter were red. Cowboy was the only one, that took after his mother, he looks exactly, like her, and he is on the smaller side. Cruiser took after his daddy, size wise, and he is a big boy. Bump's mother was a calico, and on the small side, his father was red, and about as big as a pony. Some kittens in the litter were red, some calico, some black. Bump is red, and a very big boy, he took after his father. Proper feeding, is huge, in how they turn out too. Mine, as kittens, got vitamins, Feline Missing Link, my vet said its one of the better ones, and the giving of the vitimins, was with my vets knowledge and permission. Its a powder, has to be refrigerated once its opened, comes in a pouch, you only give 1/4 teaspoon, once a day, mixed with their wet. Unless there is a reason, and per your vet, you only give it until they are 1 yr old, some continue to feed it, depends on the cat and the reason. Kittens need to be fed kitten food, not adult. Kitten food is higher in calories and nutrition, for their growing bodies. You switch them to adult food, around 8 months old, and this has to be done over 2 week, very gradually. Boy kitties are prone to crystals/urinary issues. For this reason, they should be fed wet, twice a day, or a least once a day and dry the other part of the day, if feeding wet, twice a day, is not in your budget. Wet should be mixed with water, so its real soupy, to keep them flushed out. Kittens should really be fed 3 times a day, in the morn, after work, before bed. They should be fed smaller portions, so as to not overload their tummys, hence, thats why you feed 3 times a day. Kittens should be fed a quality, grain free, by product free, soy free, gluten free food. Grains cause crystals, grains are carbs, carbs turn to sugar, same as with humans, grains cause IBD issues. Which ever brand you pick to feed, do a search on it, some brands have major recalls, some have major issues with kitties and doggies getting real sick, and some have montmorillonite clay in them. Genetics does play a part, its a guide, per say, of how they are going to turn out, but after that, is the feeding and the care. Mine are very happy and healthy, their fur is soft and shiney, and they race thru the house, at warp speed, like crazy boys, thats cause their mommy, is on the overly pickey side, about their feed, about their care, mol. :-h=;|:|
  • Leah CoumontLeah Coumont Member Posts: 14
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    I am the proud owner of my third runt! They will always grow just as big as they need to, and sometimes that can be big indeed! Nutrition is super important, sometimes kittens end up in the bottom of the pecking order at the shelter or with momma cat, but given the right care can catch up in miraculous ways. My Mittens was my most spectacular runt, could fit in your hand at 12 weeks, but huge paws and ears. @ maturity she was a lean 24 lbs, and liked to chase Jack rabbits. Mind you it took her just about 5 years to get there. Does your boy have big paws? I was curious about how big Flossie will get too, since she is my 3rd runt. She has pretty teensie paws... Happy daydreams!
  • Jessica WellsJessica Wells Member Posts: 12
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    When my momma got me, I was the runt. I was so tiny, she was worried about playing too rough with me. She tried judging me by my paw size, and thought I'd stay tiny, but nopers!! I grew so fast, she started thinking there might be Maine Coon in my family tree!
  • Jillian CampagnolaJillian Campagnola Member Posts: 61
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    His paws look tiny unless he spreads them out, then they look a bit bigger but not spectaularly so. Thank you very much for the detailed nutrition information, he is going into the Vet's office for his third and last round of immunizations tomorrow so I will bring in the kitten food he has and get her to approve it. He's growing like a weed now, gained a pound since Christmas, and is now 4 pounds at 4 months old. :) There's a chance there may be norwegian forest cat in his blood, which I understand are large cats, so it should be interesting to see!
  • Michele KotlarskyMichele Kotlarsky Member Posts: 5
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    Runt rules!
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