Best way to feed 7 cats wet food without everyone fighting over plates

Barb BrittBarb Britt Member Posts: 7
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I have 7 cats and have always fed dry food (free style). I use Before Grain. I am on my second bout of fatty liver with one cat that has cost us a fortunate. He refuses dry so we lock him in a room and feed him wet throughout the day. I would really like to only feed wet but don't know how to make sure everyone gets the right amount. Any suggestions on how to do this with so many cats? Also, how much canned food is enough and what brands do you suggest? Thanks so much for your help.


  • Mary WaltersMary Walters Milton KeynesMember Posts: 6,959
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    I have 6 and free feed dry all the time. But they get 3 feeds of half a pouch each 3 times a day. Sometimes one of the toms will muscle in on one of the weaker ones like my 17 year old girl, then I pick up her plate and take it into the living room where I can watch them, I also feed Patch in my bedroom to try and get some meat on his bones, he is a skinny cat.
  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
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    It would be great if you could get them all on wet. I believe it's Bumpurr whose mom feeds her cats in their carriers. They're all trained to go there at mealtimes and they each get their own plate. Otherwise I don't know how you'd do it with so many. You can stand watch and referee, but I don't know if you'd have enough hands!
  • ellen sklarellen sklar ExtonMember Posts: 256
    edited 1 January, 2012
    There are five of us here and Mom feeds three of us locked in separate rooms because we will eat all our food and then eat Mika's for him. Mika's kidneys don't work very well and he has hyperthyroidism so he is very skinny and needs to eat as much as possible so Mom makes sure anyone that would bother him during a meal is safely locked away in a separate room during meal times. Mom usually feeds the rest of us about 2/3 of a can of wet food each split between three meals.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 2 January, 2012
    Mine are sched fed, and eat in their carriers. Bump will about run you down, mol, when you open his carrier door, mol, he flys into it. Also a good way, to teach them to load, might come in handy, if you need to load in an emergency. It did for me, the kittens first show hotel, had not been there 5 min, and the fire alarm went off, they ran under the bed. Thank G, they load on command. :-h=;|:|
  • Barb BrittBarb Britt Member Posts: 7
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    Thank you all for your replies. I guess it's all about trial and error. Barb
  • michele guerreromichele guerrero Member Posts: 162
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    Bumpurr how did you train them to go in carriers like that? that is AWESOME!!!
  • michele guerreromichele guerrero Member Posts: 162
    edited 28 January, 2012
    I just cant imagine having any more than two cats at one time. Even with two cats, Sasha always pushed Pequena out of the way and ate her food, so I had to feed them in seperate rooms or I would put Pequena up on a high shelf to eat or something.
  • Sarah ClarkSarah Clark Ruston, AustinMember Posts: 689
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    It was with Bumpurr's advise that in October 2010 we started eating in our carriers. It has helped us so much. Misty used to steal my food and she was gaining way too much wight. I used to take forever to eat, but now I keep up with misty because I want back out of the carrier. I know that if Mommy sits down and watches one of her shows I have to wait till commerical to get out so I like to be faster now, MOL :))! Anyways we got some nice hard carriers (eating in the soft sided ones was messy and Misty tore it up!) and at first we hated it but we got used to our timed meal times and Its been one of the best choices ever.
  • Lisa DausmanLisa Dausman Member Posts: 5,216
    edited 29 January, 2012
    This all started, because I used to free feed, and Bump ate like a truck driver, mol, and he was getting too fat, even the judges said so, and my vet confirmed it. She said you have to sched feed him, and she figured out, how much to feed him, twice a day, based on the calorie count, of his food. I kept putting it off, then I got yelled at, mol, she said you "have" to do it. I said how the heck am I going to do that? She said, put them in their carriers. It only took Bump about 2 days to figure it out, mol. I feed them in the same order, and they know what their turn order is, and their carriers are always in the same spot, helps them remember where to go. They sit and wait their turn, they know, mommy insists on manners, and waiting your turn. I make up their bowl, they run ahead of me, and jump into their carriers. Nobody comes out, until everybody is done. When I pack for shows, sometimes stuff gets moved around. One kitty, ran to her spot, her carrier was buried behind the show stuff. She said, ma, this is where I am supposed to go. I had to un bury her carrier, thats what she wanted, knew she was supposed to go in there. They associate the carriers, with food, thats why, when I open the cage door, they fly in. Saved the kittens lifes at the hotel, I opened their cage door, they ran from under the bed, into the carrier, thats where the foodies is.
  • Philip EuPhilip Eu Member Posts: 5
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    While surfing the web, I saw that someone was selling a device that automatically supervised feedings for multiple cats. It was basically a locked box with the food inside and only the cat with the key could get in. Anyone had a chance to use that yet?
  • Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
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    We have 5 that eat in the front room. 4 come to sit by my feet as I'm preparing their meals. I say 'Smokie/Ruffy' and put down their plates. The 'boys' eat about 2 feet apart. Then I say 'Bub/ Little Man' and they get their food in another corner, a foot apart. Then I bring Bella hers. She's Elderwise and gets fed on sheet on the couch. I sit with her so the little guy doesn't try and heist her food. I then bring Natalie in her food. They are fed half a can of fancy feast at a setting. They are fed about these times: 1/2 can FF 4:00am (when husband gets up) 1/2 can FF 6:30am when I get up 1/2 can FF at 5:30-6:30 when I get home 1/2 can FF half hour before bed. The only one I have to watch is Bella. the little guy sometimes makes a beeline for her food. It's werid too...he prefers to eat off his brothers plates with them. Not sure why.
  • Philip EuPhilip Eu Member Posts: 5
    edited 9 March, 2012
    That is impressive that you can keep such order - we can't. But what do you do when you have to be somewhere else during their normal feeding times?
  • Michael LonerganMichael Lonergan Member Posts: 222
    edited 10 March, 2012
    We only have 4 here but even that can be a challenge. However I use the separation method. The senior cat eats upstairs with the dogs (that was a whole different issue to deal with but it has worked out). The other 3 eat downstairs. I have them set up in separate areas in the downstairs area. Initially I had to stay down there and observe and intervene if necessary but no longer. We now have peaceful meal times around here :-h
  • edited 15 March, 2012
    Nice sharing. I have 6 and free feed dry all the time. But they get 3 feeds of half a pouch each 3 times a day. santa cruz veterinary
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