Looking To Add a Third Cat

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Hi, my name is Drew, and I have been a major animal person my whole life. I am currently not old enough to move out of my parents house, so this leads to my problem. My whole family is a bunch of major animal lovers. We currently have two cats(9 month old brothers) and a dog that old age seems to be catching up with. I do absolutely everything for the cats, I probably change their water four plus times daily(I am that picky about their water being absolutely clear of everything but water). Plus fill their food bowl, clean the litter box, play with them for hours, and anything else they need. I have a lot of experience in exotic animals. I have cared for rare varieties of reptiles, taking care of my own reef aquarium, growing coral. So I feel pretty prepared for taking care of a hybrid cat. I have always wanted a Savannah ever since I read about them years ago. I have literally done months of non-stop research exclusively about the Savannah. I have a large base of experience working with high generation hybrids, by working with my Grandpa and training his F2 Bengal. I still do a lot of teaching Simba(the Bengal) all sorts of skills, so I feel pretty confidant in my ability to care for a high generation hybrid. I earn more money through allowance and my job to cover any cost this cat could ever through at me. I also have a large emergency expense fund. College is not a concern since the two schools that I have been planning to go to are within half an hour of my home. I have found a retired Savannah close to me that I would love to adopt. Anyway the problem is everyone in my family is for it except my Mom. She is claiming that a third cat is going to be under her feet more than the two other cats combined. This cat will be with me the whole time I am home, which is 3/4 of the day. I and the rest of my family feel my Mom is being ridiculous. She has said to us all the only thing she has against this idea is that another cat will be under her feet. I was hoping all of you with three or more cats and especially hybrid owners could give there opinions. I do absolutely everything for the cats, so no one in the family sees what her problem is. She loves are other two cats. I was hoping you could confirm what I have observed about there being no difference between 2 cats and 3 cats. Thanks for the help.


  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
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    We are a little late to the party here, but Smitty here is #3 - totally unexpected. He was rescued from the big bad outdoors, and fits in here fine. They all have their favorite spaces, and all bring a different personality & joy to the house. Also, being a mom, I would say the best way to approach it, is with concise information, and a plan outlined. Think of every objection, and have a good solution. Your mom may still not agree, and you may have to wait until you are on your own, but for sure the only difference is a bit more poop in the box, but an extra sweetheart to love. Good luck
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