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i want to sleeeeppp

Racheal FeuersteinRacheal Feuerstein caledonia, michiganMember Posts: 115
edited 1 March, 2012 in Behavior & Training
so, einstein's always been a talker and he's always been especially vocal in the mornings. but, he's taken it to a whole new level the last couple weeks. part of it may be because my fiance has been out of town for work since january. i can tell both cats miss him and probably the fact that he usually gets up early for work. after i do get up, he's constantly next to me constantly chirping and meowing at me. so, for now, i've got to figure a way to quiet him down so i can sleep and get ready for my day! any suggestions? perhaps i will try to take a video of him so the world can see him in action!


  • Racheal FeuersteinRacheal Feuerstein caledonia, michiganMember Posts: 115
    edited 27 February, 2012
    also, wwhyy does playtime have to start the second i get into bed and turn the lights off? seriously, he watches me go into the bedroom and crawl into bed then he wanders off to find one of his toys. then, because he's a talker, he carries the toy into the bedroom and cries like he's been shot with the toy still in his mouth. crazy cat. i find this more entertaining than annoying, the crying in the morning is annoying for real.
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,807 ✭✭✭
    edited 27 February, 2012
    Have you tried tiring him out before bed with some vigorous play? I think I saw Jackson Galaxy recommend that before. :))
  • Racheal FeuersteinRacheal Feuerstein caledonia, michiganMember Posts: 115
    edited 27 February, 2012
    worth a try. he's hard to play interactively with. he really just enjoys playing by himself with a big stuffed mouse toy. i have tried putting off feeding him later at night, hoping that would put off his appetite in the morning, but no success. i've tried shutting my bedroom door to muffle his meows in the morning, but not only do i miss them sleeping with me, it also throws my other kitty, lexi, off because she seems to be really attached to kyle and i.
  • Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
    edited 27 February, 2012
    What we learned: CK is only going on 7 months now...he's very active and healthy. Cats by nature are nocturnal. They hunt at night by instinct. So it makes sense for our kittens and cats that they get active. I had Stumpys kitty dad help me with this...he gave great advice! But I will tell you what so far is working= In the morning, when i get up, I play with CK, or let him play, if he's playing, with Princess. They wrestle and CK can be very active. When I get home in the evening, I feed everone their half can of FF. Then they relax for a bit, and t hen I play for about 15 minutes...and active play...with CK. We're trying to leash train him, but so far, he doesn't like the harness! We figured getting him out on a leash to smell new stuff would give him more to focus his energy on. My advice: good play session before be, and a good second meal right before sleepy time.
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
    edited 27 February, 2012
    When Hunter was a kitten, I would play with him about 45 minutes before bed. For about 20 minutes I would really play with him until he would plop on the hardwood floor and pant like a dog. Then I'd wait about 5 minutes until he cooled down. I would then feed him his dinner. He would eat and then clean himself, and then nap for a couple of hours. I tried to mimick what lions do. Hunt, eat, groom and nap. In that order.
  • Alex RauAlex Rau MecostaMember Posts: 118
    edited 28 February, 2012
    We went through all of this with Sleeper and Samhain while they were kittens - a lo-o-o-ng process since we took them in when they were 1 week old (Sleeper) and, then 5 weeks old (Samhain). We did the whole bit of encouraging play earlier in the evening and then feeding the last meal late. However, as soon as the lights went out, the games would REALLY begin! High speed action movie, fur sure! FINALLY, they apparently grew out of it and would sleep at night, or at least be quiet while we were sleeping. Then we brought in another young feral, Fearless. She is almost 7 months old and has pretty much calmed down at night now. This morning, though - and most mornings - she was up and in my face at 6:30 and then chasing Sleeper highspeed through the house. Who needs an alarm clock???
  • Racheal FeuersteinRacheal Feuerstein caledonia, michiganMember Posts: 115
    edited 1 March, 2012
    as i mentioned before, the playtime at night doesn't bother me. he usually stays in the living room or dining room. he's not so vocal when he plays. the problem is in the early mornings when he's starting to get bored or hungry. he meows and meows relentlessly. i really need a way to encourage him be quiet because i need to sleep. i hope my only solution isn't to just buy else will i know when my alarm goes off?
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