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Cat Role-Play ___________________________________________________ Setting - F o r e s t __________________________________________________ Want to Role-Play? You came to the right place! Here, I will give you an example of How to Role-Play: Mama Machia yawns and stretches, chest touching the ground and rump in the air. "Ah... What a nice day." She meows. ^ | That was an example. Now let's get Role-Playing!


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    Mamas dashes quickly and doesn't keep her eyes off of the small mouse. She dashes faster, leaping over a rock and swerving through the bushes. Finally, she leaps high into the warm air and pounces on the mouse. Snatching the prey with her teeth, she drops it near a clump of leaves and pads over to a stream.
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    Hi Mama, can I have a drink of cool water with you? I was busy chasing a squirrel, and I am pretty thirsty. Are you new here? I ahve not seen you in these parts before? My name is Tigger, and I have a crabby sister named Maizy & my little brother is Smitty. Nice to meet you!
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