Fostering Cats ???

Natasha PhilpNatasha Philp CeresMember Posts: 189
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Hello all, im looking for advice and information on fostering cats, there is a shelter in my area that is looking for homes to foster Pregnant females while they have thier kittens... i have a large walk in cupboard room in my hallway , ive sent away my details to the shelter. We have three cats already but i cant pass up an oppurtunity to help,i have had previous exoerience with pregnant cats too, Gizmo is due to be Fixed next month and Rogue and Batfink will go in for thier booster immunizations around the same time, im worried about space really, i know i can close off a foster cat in this cupboard area, but the home three will know she is there. How much is this going to affect the dynamic of the house?Being that Gizmo is only new to the house,and we dont have a massive house as it is , Am i being a crazy cat lady?! help, ideas, stories of experience???? xxxBatfink, Gizmo and Rogues Mummy xx


  • Ellen LasarkoEllen Lasarko Member Posts: 434
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    I have fostered many cats/kittens/moms and babies and my cats have been fine. I keep the fosters in a room and did not let my cats interact with them (except for once and that was an accident!) When I first started fostering, my cats would go up to the door and hiss and then walk away. After a couple months, my cats realized that the fosters were not staying and they basically forgot about the fosters, sometimes I would even catch my cats playing with the fosters under the door. It got to the point where my boys didnt even react the one time fosters got out. When one of my fosters Trudy (1 yr old, spayed female, cross-eyed tabby) decided that she needed to come out and actually broke her way out while we were not there. I came home to Trudy loose with my boys and no one was hurt or fighting. Trudy had made herself right at home but her "foster-roommate" Audrey (3 yr old, Spayed female, LH tabby) was not that pleased with my boys so he was hiding in the foster room. My boys walked up to Audrey, she would hiss and they would leave. Trudy on the other hand was having a blast playing with the dogs and my cats.
  • Natasha PhilpNatasha Philp CeresMember Posts: 189
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    Thank you Larry think we are Going for it...just waiting for a call...EEEK of excitement....xx purrs xx kitties From Scotland xx
  • Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
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    And say it loud and proud : CRAZY CAT LADY! :) ;c; We live in 2 rooms. Small apartment but we're blessed with a decent sized bedroom. A few months ago a client of mine was in a terrible situation and couldn't find anyone to take her cat in. She was being evicted. We took the cat, and let her know that we would ahve to rehome client wasn't in a place to take her back for quite awhile. We worked with a local rescue group, and I networked far and wide. It was a friend of my catstiter who had 2 friends who had lost a beloved 18 year old cat and wanted to share their home with another cat. They adopted Delilah. We kept Delilah in the bedroom, but let her out to play. she was the worlds sweetest and most agreeable cat. While in the bedroom, we originally had her caged, but then took to letting her out for exercise. CK and Ruffy got to know her a bit, and CK loved her. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for considering fostering....and saving lives.
  • Natasha PhilpNatasha Philp CeresMember Posts: 189
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    hahaha i Sure am crazy! Well got to finish cleaning out and decorating a large walk in cupboard area , got two litter trays 3 beds, a cage (just in case)new bowls etc, just waiting for a phone call really,they are looking for me to home a pregnant female untill her kittens are weaned,going to be a challenge! My three Cats are not happy that im putting all this fuss in they know something is up, and they also hate they are not aloud in the new cat condo. Good for you,sounds like you have put alot of effort into aking a glad Delilah found a forever home Purrs! Batfink Rogue and Gizmo xx
  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
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    BLESS you for wanting to Foster cats. This helps them to find and adoopt people, since they are socialized. Keep us posted when Mama Cat arrives, and when her kitten are born, we LOVE seeing kitten photos. Lizzie Bennett (waving to Mr. Orange Ruffy) :-h
  • Ellen LasarkoEllen Lasarko Member Posts: 434
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    Sorry it took so long to respond, was having computer issues...Im so glad you decided to foster, I know you will love it!! If you have any more questions, please let me know.
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