Adding Water, How Much is Too Much?

Kelly ThomasKelly Thomas Member Posts: 174
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I add a fair bit of water to Midas's food (Nature's Variety Canned formulas) both morning and night. I am not sure how much, but it makes the 3 oz of food pretty soupy. He always drinks it all, and uses the litterbox to urinate about 2-4 times per day (average 2-3). He is super active and seems very happy and healthy, I just want to make sure I am not overdoing it with the water. After reading I am more paranoid about too little water, but after my boyfriend commented on how often he uses the litterbox it got me thinking. I absolutely never see Midas drink from the water bowl. This doesn't mean he does not occasionally drink from it, I just never happen to see it.


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    I used to add water to both Natasha and Alex's food. Natasha needed it because she had early kidney disease and never drank enough water. I think that I did Alex an injustice because he almost had a problem with his pooping problem. We had to go to the vet to check on it because he almost became impacted. She told me that his muscle there had gone lazy. I think that it was because his poop became too soupy from the amount of water that I added to his food. Natasha never had the problem and it helped her......Since going to the vet, I stopped adding water. He has enough water in his wet food to keep him hydrated. He will drink from his dish when he needs more. Natasha passed away last December from cancer and not from kidney disease....Since then, the new kitten, Juliette likes to drink when she needs to and Alex follows her in this. Unless there is a medical problem, I don't know why you are adding more water to his wet food. Wet food given all of the time should be enough.....
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    There's nothing wrong with adding extra water to the food :) Just know that if you intake more water than the body needs, it comes out as urine, for any animal and even for Humans. The body does a pretty good job at regulating how much water it needs. Some cats may use the litter box a little more than before the extra water was added to the food but that doesn't mean that there is anything medically wrong :) Besides, some cats just normally use the litter box a couple times a day just to pee. It's just how their body works :) If you feed 3oz for each meal, you could add fill the empty can all the way up with water and add that to the food. Some cats like really soupy food, others prefer food with some texture. Just play around with the amount of water added to the food to see what your cat likes.
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