I want to Get a Cat but I am severely allergic

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Okay, so I have always wanted a cat but I am super allergic. I don't have asthma or anything but my eyes the the size of golfballs and all red and puffy if I have been a petting a cat to long. A person I am living with has asthma. I have looked every hypoallergenic reed website and learned a lot but all the cats at my local animal shelters are domestic shorthairs (save for an occasional siamese or russian blue). There is one Norweigan forest cat at one of my local adoption center and I heard they are ancestors of Siberians which have less FelD1 so I was wondering if one of those would fit. I really want to rescue and really wouldn't want to go to a breeder but I think I might not have another choice if I want to get a cat. (I have been thinking of getting allergy shots or a new allergy shot tester thing that someone in Canada is prototyping that only takes a few months but I'm not completely sure that would work) If anyone has suggestions or knows of a Siberian or aother hypo rescue in the L.a. area your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :^:


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    First, I commend you for wanting to rescue even if that does not work out for you. Perhaps you could look into adopting a cat that a breeder is retiring? Otherwise, simply do your research and choose a breeder that has high standards, genetic testing, and only has a few litters (or maybe one) a year. Second, are you positive you are allergic to Fel D1? If you have not been allergy tested (though it sounds like you have) you need to do that before continuing your search.
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    Each Siberian is different so you need to check their parents out. I have a Siberian kitten which I got because of my son-in-law. He is also allergic to cats. Even so, she is my sweet kitten. They are so clever and loving. Now, the cost varies from breeder to breeder and color to color. My kitten is a light brown Siberian and their cost can range from 650-800. The white Siberians are around 1200 to 2000 depending on their background. You may be able to find an adult that is going to be retired for half these prices. Be careful if you go to a breeder. May sure that you see the parents and the environment. Tell the breeder of your allergies and she/he will get some fur from their cats to check out the allergy. Good luck..... p.s. This kitten was my first from a breeder. I have always had rescues..
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    My Meowma used to Groom Dogs, she did that for 12 years and she used to be a Vet Tech before that. Now she is a Pet Nutrition Specialist for the Nutro Company. She does those in store demos, part time. She lives with 3 big dogs. They sleep in her bed and sit in her lap. She had some allergy testing done about a year ago and along with a lot of things outside, they tell her that she is allergic to dogs! Well she started on allergy shots, at once a week and is now down to once a month. She ALSO lives on Loratadine , two 10 mg Tabs, every 24 hours. But now since the pollen count has been way down, she has not felt the need for the tabs. BUT!! Unlike you, she is NOT severely allergic to the dogs. There are so many things here in Florida, to be allergic to! I do like the idea of getting some of the Cat fur to see how you react. But first and foremost is youR and your roommate's health. I would talk to your and your roommate's Allergy Dr.'s FIRST! Then you both, can make an educated decision. But it does sound like you have decided to get a kitty anyways. Please make sure that if anything extreme comes up, that you can always take this kitty back to the place you get it from. Best of luck and PLEASE keep us all advised as to what you decide to do and how things go. BEST OF LUCK!:^:
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    I used to be EXTREMELY allergic to cats. If a friend with cats visited my home, then I was allergic to where they sat on the sofa for a day or so (unless I vacuumed it). Sleeping over at a friends with cats (or dogs, but not as much with the dogs) would gradually bring on asthma symptoms as well -- a tightness in my chest, and inability to take deep breaths. Trying to breathe deeply would bring on coughing spasms. I did allergy shots for about a year. It did wonders for the watery eyes and sneezing. Now I have a cat of my own, and when we brought her home, gradually the tightness in my chest came back. I visited an allergist, and he put me on some asthma medications which did wonders for my breathing problems. It's probably not good for me to take all this medication, but it's worth it to have this special little girl in my life. A while back I heard about an allergy vaccine that was in trials in Europe, but I haven't heard anything new on that front for the past year or so. Best of luck!
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