Our Nat and CKD

Debra HoffmannDebra Hoffmann RidgewoodMember Posts: 1,174
edited 12 January, 2013 in Senior Cats
We're riding a rollrecoaster. We're exhausted, and this morning I fell apart at work. Natalie last night reacted to the appitite booster she was on...crying, yowling, squeaking, batting us for attention, and then attacking and biting. This morning things are somewhat better. We have to call the vet and see about chaning to a different appitite booster. Going to see about getting her onto B12. She was dehydrated when I came home yesterday and she had only thrown up a little. The upside was that she did eat a bit this morning, but without the appitite booster she isn't so keen on food. And we're afraid of losing her. We know it's inevitable. Natalie is not a young cat-she's elderwise, she was elderwise when we got her. I want to give Natalie the world. Maybe it's because she didn't have the full long and wonderful life that Bella did. We simply don't know what happened to Natalie except she hadn't been spayed til she was found, her health hadn't been cared for til she wasa rescued...the rescue she was with did the minimal for her-her breast cancer wasn't addressed til we got her... and maybe because of this, I love her fiesty, fighting and loving spirit. i love the way she is pushy, pulling my cup over to her from my hand when she wants a drink of milk, sleeping with her paws on your hand, her head on your hand, her little 'mew?' when she wants to impart some secret cat secret. I'm afraid of losing her...her, my little Mau Abby mix with her funnny stiff halloween cat walk and tiny little grumpy face... Oh Nat, what will the world me for me without you in it?


  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
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    maybe with a new appetite stimulant she will feel better. You have had your share of pain for sure - I have been there purring for you when you have lost a kit. you are doing as much as you can for her, and she has surely gotten alot of love since she became one of your kitties. I don't know alot about ckd in kitties, but my son has it, and I know there are good & bad days. lets think positive, and see how she does with that new pill. purring for you all... The kitty quartet & momma too
  • Michele RohyansMichele Rohyans Member Posts: 231
    edited 12 January, 2013
    OH Nat! Keep fighting you feisty proof of heaven!!! We hates that you are under the weather sweet one, but I am cheering for you and sending you all the pawsitive purrrs and energies I can send! ;c; We hopes the new meds help, and Nat's mommy- you are giving her everythig she needs and that you can and she knows it of that you can be sure. purrrs, head bonks, and sandpaper kisses |:| Chiquitita
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