Got A Haircut Now I Wont Poop In Litter

Tara McLeanTara McLean Member Posts: 113
edited 5 February, 2013 in Behavior & Training
Day 3 of Simon's new shave down. Yesterday and the day before I noticed one of the cats has pooped just outside of the litter box. I'm not 100% sure which cat is doing this but I highly suspect it was my 6 year old DLH Simon because it started the same day he got his new fancy shave. If it is Simon I'm confused as to why, he seems to LOVE his new haircut, he's been a ton more active and affectionate. Even going as far as playing regularly with my younger cat Hunter. Is it possible that being shaved has somehow messed up his great litter skills? Back story here: I have not changed the litter brand, or added any new deodorizer to it. It has not changed locations at all either. I have 2 boxes, both covered and in the entry way, they are fairly close together as I don't have sufficient space to separate them any further but this has never been a problem before. The poop never appears in the morning, only after I've gone to work and returned home. Both cats have been checked by a vet and had blood screens done within the last month and are both healthy. The only thing that has changed since the pooping has started has been the shave on Simon (first poop found the same day), the cats no longer sleep in my bedroom (they have the whole main level of the house now, it had been that way for a week before the pooping started) and I dewormed everyone. After I cleaned up the mess I deodorized the area and moved the one box a few inches to cover the original spot and the next night when I returned home from work I noticed that the chosen area for soiling had switched also. I removed the cover on one of the boxes hoping that would correct this problem, I'll find out tonight if it worked. I'm a bit distressed by this recent litter mishap, if anyone has experienced similar problems I'd love to hear the why's and how's of it all. I love my cats but I do not love them soiling on my carpet!
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