cats behavior and dominance issues..

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even though i am not new to the cat world, and have plenty of knowledge about cat behavior i am now at a lost about some behavior changes that has been going on in my house. I am a proud mama of 5, only in-door, cats ages: 7.5, 7, 4.5 & 2-almost 2 years old. We currently live in RI- have been for 1.5 years now, in a much smaller (about 750 sqf- maybe) 1.5 bedroom apartment than what they were used to when we lived at my mom's house. they all started with me as foster kittens, that got separated from the mom at different ages- all before they reached their 2nd month. last year I also transferred them to raw diet. they currently are eating Nature Variety raw. however lately we seem to be having behavior issues we didn't really have, some are newer than others: my 4.5 year old has recently started scratching any paper or boxes that is on the floor, the table, or even any that are stashed in the shelves of my computer desk. nothing seems to make him stop except a "time out" in my room with the door closed, but that i do not wish to make this a solution. also he has, in the last 6 montes begun to showcase his dominance even more then before- he's a very dominating cat, especially on my 7 year old, but not only. one of my 2 year old, has started in the last month- right after i came back after a two weeks winter vacation- to suckle my blanket, do that thing they do with their paws, and try to hump it. and he seems to like doing it most when i'm actually under the covers.. he too has begun to show dominance, mostly by hitting my oldest cat, when they receive food. my 7 year old has been acting very edgy lately, she growls alot more. they have plenty of high spaces to sit at, many of them in front of windows, and they will be getting a new tree as soon as i choose which one to buy. i can't figure out what the problem is... they are all healthy, neutered, and vaccinated. as mentioned they don't go out -our area is not the safest, though i am starting to think of letting two of them out while being attached to a lease.. some changes have happened in the last year, but nothing major i think, my roommate moved out - but she was always in her bedroom so they never really saw her or had much contact with her. i moved and added some furnitures to the apartment in the last 6 montes since my roommate left, and as mentioned their diet have changed. but that's it and it was very gradual. i have read many cat behavior books in the last few years i have quite alot of knowledge and have even went through some of my books again to see if there is anything in there, but now i am officially befuddled. i would love for some help. and if you can recommend a specialist in cat behavior in the RI area that would great.
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