Getting a playmate for 7 month old cat

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I have a cat/kitten who is 7 months old and is absolutely crazy with energy. We feed her high quality food which has had an amazing effect on her as opposed to the quiet little furball she was when I first adopted her. The thing is, I'm gone much of the day to work and/or school. Not any abnormal level of absence, but the typical working adult hours, and whenever I come home she is very excitable to the point of becoming a little destructive for attention, and ignores the cat furniture that she clearly enjoys in favor of sleeping in front of my bedroom door at night. I feel like she's very lonely and also doesn't have enough to do to work off her excess energy, despite being spoiled with a variety of toys and would like to get her a playmate. I've done a lot of research (including this forum, thanks!) which indicates that the best age for a playmate is one approximately the same age. However, all of the postings I've seen for adoptable cats in my area tend to either be much younger (proper kittens) or much older (adults >1 year). Given her energy level, it would seem best to err on the side of younger than older, but I'm unsure what age should be the lower limit of that, and to a lesser extent, the upper limit of age above her. She is very warm and affectionate, but also has a tendency to bite as part of play, and appears to be disposed towards wrestling. I am concerned that too young of a kitten may be in danger of her harming it by accident. At the same time, I want a playmate who can "keep up" with her and accept the playing for what it is and play with her back. An energetic little furball for my energetic little furball such that they can blend into one self-contained furball to the benefit of everyone. :))


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    Human was in your shoes :)) She got Leroy at 3 months old. He's an Aby and naturally energetic and active. Leroy was very clingy and attention demanding when Human got home from work. I guess he was bored all day with no one to play with :? Three months later Human adopted Emma. Emma is the same age as Leroy. They both got along right away =; They don't really play with each other though :? Sometimes they chase each other around but that's about it. I think you can go with either a slightly younger or an older cat maybe up to a few years old. A kitten will definitely have enough energy to keep up with your 7 month old. An older cat may not be able to keep up with an energetic cat but some older cats may start being more active if they have someone to play with. Some shelters and rescues allow you to adopt a cat on a "trial" basis. This allows you to see how the cats react to each other. If the new cat doesn't work out (fighting or maybe too intimidated/shy and hides all the time), you can return the cat back to the shelter or rescue. A good shelter or rescue can help you choose the right cat who will most likely get along well with your 7 month old :) Human was just lucky with Emma. Leroy wanted to play with her before Human even put the carrier down :-O
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