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Ok so I have done cat rescue for almost 9yrs now and its been a LOT of kittens and pregnant mothers, so I am experienced in this area, but I have run into something ive read up on, but never had to deal with before. Figured Ide see if anyone has and what they did. Heres the story:: Took in a kitty around a year old, maybe a bit younger, who was pregnant, she had 6 healthy kittens yesterday. She had gotten very tired with the last 2 that came out so I actually had to do a lot of helping and ended up having to ease the last two out with her pushing only very lightly. Then, obviously because she was exhausted, she stopped her labor. I know she can go back in today and have the remaining kitten(im pretty positive there is at least 1 live kitten inside, have felt no others dead or alive) and I have been watching her like a hawk and taking her temp, making sure shes eating and drinking, has a comfortable secluded environment and all such things, but the main issue that is arising now is that she isn't stimulating her kittens to use the bathroom! I kinda think this is because she is not done having kittens. What do you guys think? and PLEASE no telling me I should rush her to the vet or whatever, because I am a previous vet tech and also have a vet on-call. Ive already been told there is not too much to worry about with the kitten inside her just yet. So please no annoying responses. Ide just like to see if anyone has had any experience with the way this litter is going or with trying to get their cat to stimulate her kittens to potty. Obviously I have started doing it myself with warm, soft, damp little pads, but Ide REALLY rather not have to do it to all these kittens for weeks until they can on their own. I mean I will if I end up having to, but just let me know if you guys have any ideas on how to get her to do it. She isn't cleaning them much anymore either, but nursing them and definitely staying with them :) Thanks!


  • Kayla AndersonKayla Anderson HopkinsvilleMember Posts: 3
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    Wow no one has responded at all... Oh well, guess its a good thing I know what im doing and had a vet on call and she was fine. :P
  • Renee RyzRenee Ryz Member Posts: 2,164
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    I am sorry to see that you got no response. THings seem slow around here. I was not on too much but I would have chimed in! How are things going? I was thinking when I read your post today that maybe with her being so young too she didn't know just what to do. I hope all the kitties are doing well. :-h
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