Exhausted with Scooter's CKD

Annalee AielloAnnalee Aiello Member Posts: 227
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Hi everyone, Scooter was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure last Friday. The vet had recommended putting her to sleep because her levels were so extremely high. I asked for other options, so we now have Scooter on Sub-Q fluids, Pepcid, antibiotics, and an appetite stimulant. Unfortunately, she's not really improving. She is not eating enough to maintain her weight despite me tempting her with every different food including baby food and real chicken. I feel like I'm just slowly watching her waste away. Today, she is very unstable on her feet. She keeps trying to stretch out her legs, but she is wobbly and occasionally falls over. I think this indicates that her potassium levels are very low. Unfortunately, she also has heart issues and extremely high creatinine levels so potassium supplements are not recommended. She has a dull look in her eye, and doesn't seem to enjoy our company anymore. She spends all her time sleeping alone in the corner of our spare room. She perks up a little bit when I go in there and give her love, but it's a far cry from my Scooter that used to seek me out and sleep with me every night. I had told myself that when Scooter stopped using her litter box and refused to eat or drink, it would be time for her to earn her wings. Despite all these symptoms, she continues to eat some, drink a lot, and always uses her box. I hate to say it, but I'm ready for this roller coaster to be over. I spend most days crying because I just want her pain to be over. I would never put her to sleep just to get it over with, but it's just so painful to watch her go through this. I'm part of Tanya's CRF group and highly recommend that wonderful group of people to anyone going through this. They have helped me so much with choosing treatments for Scooter. I'm just emotionally exhausted and looking for some support on that end of it now.


  • Annalee AielloAnnalee Aiello Member Posts: 227
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    We elected to send Scooter to the Rainbow Bridge this evening. She was having trouble standing and just hasn't been herself the last 5 days since we started treatment. I know some people might have waited longer, but we didn't want her to experience any pain. Her liver had started to fail due to trying to process her body fat after she stopped eating. I'm feeling immense guilt that maybe it was too soon to let her go, but I'm hoping it was the right thing and she understood why we did.
  • Sharon DaltonSharon Dalton Member Posts: 3,728
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    Dear Scooter' Mom ~ Merlin's mom here, and I just had to let you know that I fully understand what you have been going through. Our lives would be much easier if our beloved furchildren would either be totally well or obviously ready to go; the up-and-down is frustrating and emotionally draining. Before Merlin, I had Willie Wonka, who had acute kidney failure; I very clearly remember thinking at one point that, although I was in no way ready to say so-long, I just wanted it to be over. In three short weeks, it was. Merlin stayed with me for 6 months before leaving on his own. Currently, I have an elderly pony with a chronic condition, so I'm back on that roller coaster. I know it's not fun, and I do empathize with you. You absolutely made the right decision; it was NOT too early. To this day, almost 12 years later, I feel that I should have helped Merlin instead of waiting. It's always a tough decision; we're not ready to let them go, so don't want to do it too early, but we also don't want them to let them go on for too long. I can assure you of this: Scooter is gloriously alive right now, and he has no memory of suffering at all; he's perfectly healthy and blissfully happy. The sad memories are only yours. Be at peace knowing that he is happy. May Scooter's Creator bless you with faith and peace.
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    It was not a situation that Scooter would miraculously get better from. I know it is hard to make that choice. I look at it as a gift of love. How many of us have had people in their life so sick & we must watch them suffer & lose who they are until they pass. She told you she was ready with the look in her eyes. When their life force is dull & gone, they are ready to fly free. I felt that way with my dog. He had cognitive disorder & stopped waggin his tail & recognizing us. That should have been my clue, but I hung on. His back legs finally went & he could not stand unless held up, so we let him go. It never gets easy, but knowing that you have relieved their pain helps to make it a little easier. May you have peace & fly free Scooter.|/a/||:|
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
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    This is Delyte. So sorry that the bad kidney monster got you at a comparably young age. I am dragging along at 18 with some of the symptoms of the end of my kidneys, but I haven't stopped eating yet and I still show an interest in things, although I sleep most of the time. Today I threw up in my person's bed and she is worrying about me and exhausted by cleaning up after me, as she has a lot of end-stage diseases herself. We know they love us and sending us to the Bridge is meant to save us pain that the people themselves often cannot avoid. They say we will all be together at the end. Giant weak purrs from me to you and your sad family. |:| (^^
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