please help! kitten troubles! ;__;

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some background story: Mina: 3 and 11 month old; female; fixed; owned since age 3 months Majik: 2 year old; female; fixed; owned since age 2 months Xero: 14 week old; male; not fixed; owned since age 2 weeks Zennah: 14 week old; female; not fixed; owned since age 2 weeks TL;DR my female kitten pees everywhere, and my boyfriend wants to get rid of her. idk what the kittens issue is, but i cant stomach the idea of finding her a new home. I found zennah and xero, and still dont know if i did the right thing by taking them in. their mother had moved three kittens but not the two i have. i took it upon myself to raise them with the intention of finding homes when they were older. Now that i have had them for three months i am completely in love. Zennah is a pure black little warrior princess with copper eyes, and xero is a soft yellow-orange-beige mackerel tabby with eyes that are a blue-green-gold. xero cuddles with majik, and he has started to develop a relationship with our rottweiler, but zennah hasnt made friends with anyone yet. she is too rambunctious and the others are afraid of her. the dog is afraid of her hissing. she is great friends with her brother, obviously. Mina isnt friends with anybody rly, she tolerates the other animals and will occasionally lick majik. shes a tortoiseshell, shes temperamental. the problem i am facing is this: zennah will not pee in the litter box. granted, she may go very infrequently, but 90% of the time its in a vinyl chair, or on the bed (last night and the night before included!) she poops in the box every time, and her brother is very very good at using the box. i also notice that she will cover ever single other pile of poop or pee if i put her in the box. i have tried to pick her up and move her mid-pee, but she pees on the way to the box all over my legs and the floor. i tried playing by the box with her, putting her in the box and talking soothingly and petting her. ive also tried relocating the boxes, to find a more suitable place. its like she prefers to go on the bed. my boyfriend wants to 'get rid of her' and the language he used was most offensive. perhaps having four cats in our two bedroom is too many to own, but if i were to find her a new home there is no guarantee that the problem would fix itself and that her new owner wouldnt 'get rid of her' also. i admit that i only have two boxes(i cant afford more +more litter atm, so its not an option to get 3 more boxes, also my house is too small for five boxes). however, one is open with small sides, and one is closed, so i doubt that there is a litter box type problem. also, i use a wheat based clumping litter. i clean my boxes religiously (im a neat freak)and they are in a completely different room from the food and water. before they could eliminate on their own i would sit them in the box and use a rag to get them to urinate and defecate, so they would associate the elimination with the sand feeling. i do not scold or hit my kitten when she pees on the bed or else where. i have loved cats all my life and know that negative reinforcement does not work on them (it doesnt rly work for dogs either so much). i simply would praise her if i caught her peeing in her box. i have also placed her near the box while her brother was peeing, so shed get the idea. that worked maybe twice, and now anytime i put her near it she sprints away. before they were allowed to be out with the other animals constantly (about two weeks ago, with confinement at night) i was keeping them in a very large dog crate with their own box and plenty of blankets. when she started escaping i left the crate open and closed to closet door. im pretty sure she found other places to pee in the closet other than her box tho. now that im letting them run free all day and night it seems to be worse. i cant identify if this is stress, or her being stupid, or the litter box situation...simply because its been a problem from the beginning. she has been doing it all along. i am at the end of my rope. my next idea is to keep the kittens(both, because i dont want zennah getting lonely) in the guest room at night so they dont pee on me in my sleep! after that, i can try keeping her outside but she MUST get fixed first. I can not stand the idea of separating her from her brother, or from me. i may be a crazy cat lady after all. please, i am going crazy. on top of all my other problems, my boyfriend is very unhappy with me because of this kitten situation. my electric bill is sky rocketing because i have to wash my bedding twice, and so often (once with vinegar to eliminate odors and once with soap). i need help, suggestions...someone save zennah from being relocated or thrown outside(or worse!! ;__; )!


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    Try Kitten Attract litter instead. Also read for solutions on common litter box problems. Multiple litter boxes are best but if you don't have the room for more, there are other solutions.
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    Thanks for responding. I have gone through that website and several others. If you read through my post then you know that i have clumping litter, and that i clean it every day. I cant have more than two boxes in my house, there just isnt enough space. i seriously think that this is a stress issue relating to my other cats in the house. The dominate cat, Mina, hisses at every other animal in the house if she smells them near her face. She will even hiss at my best friend because when she lived with us her cat was also here. But then again the cats have been together for only a month, and Zennah was doing this before then. Its kinda her thing. No matter what happens, if i keep her or find her a new home, this problem has to stop. do you think confining her and her brother in one room for a period of time would help?
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    I would get your kitty to the vet as soon as possible. Litter box avoidance is most often caused by illness. Once the vet has ruled out a health problem being the cause, you'll want to get her spayed to make sure that the inappropriate urination isn't hormone-driven marking. If the cause is anxiety, she may benefit from calming products like Feliway or Rescue Remedy (these could also help the kitty who hisses at the others). If your vet agrees that it's likely anxiety and the OTC remedies don't help, the vet might want to try medications that will relieve her stress. Re-training will work if you're sure what's causing the problem in the first place, and the vet can help you figure out what's going on with her. Good luck, keep us posted! |:|
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