12 week old kitten screamed & urinated - what to do?

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Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and a new kitten owner. Please forgive me if this question has been previously discussed. I adopted my kitten at 7 weeks old; she's been with us for about a month now. Aside from ankle attacks and biting during play, she has been the sweetest. The shelter told us she's a stray and the first 2 nights, she slept under the couch, but we've been doing our best to make her feel fully safe and comfortable here and she now plops down and sleeps all around the house. I try my best to lessen any chances of anxiety or stress. She is a curious kitten and now rarely shows any sign of fear or distrust. However, while I was in another room, I heard a very LOUD scream, which I have never heard from any cat before. I ran into the room and saw our kitten hunched, with all of its hairs standing straight up, and had urinated on our sofa. My 8 year old son was standing 3 feet away in shock. He told me that while she was asleep, he bent over her and sniffed her, trying to imitate her doing to same to our faces when we're trying to sleep. There aren't any injuries to her that I can see. I don't know whether there is any reason for concern. I'm also particularly worried that she will urinate in the same place again as I've read that cats may return to the same place if they can smell the odors. I have washed the sofa cover and wiped down the (leather) sofa with lysol wipes. She is spayed, but I'm wondering whether there is a possibility that there is any chance she may return to the spot and urinate again? I'm also worried about her behavior and whether her reaction seemed "normal." I know that my son didn't strike her - he is often very playful but gentle with her. Should we keep her away from him for a period of time or lessen interaction to give her some rest? Any helpful advice at all is appreciated. Thank you!!


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    You sound like a great cat mom, I applaud you for choosing a shelter cat! =D> Have you noticed any problems since that incident, pain or straining in the litter box, frequent urination? The first thing that always come to mind when a cat cries while peeing is a urinary problem. A vet trip might be needed, just to ease your mind. Has the cat acted differently towards your son since then, maybe he accidentally scared her, if she was really sleeping sound? I would not keep him away from her completely, but maybe monitor their play times for a day or too, if for no other reason than to reassure the cat. Cats do spook easily.:) Please keep us updated. Hopefully there will be no more peeing on the couch, probably an isolated incident. But if there are try to stay calm and handle the situation with kindness, she is still a baby and still learning.
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    Poor baby sounds like she got the pee scared out of her, mol. I'm sure it's fine and I agree with all of Norman's advice. Just wanted to add that you should keep an enzyme cleanser like Nature's Miracle in the house. It kills the smell of pee so that she won't return to that spot.
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