I like to throw litter everywhere!!

Alyssa ArmstrongAlyssa Armstrong Member Posts: 15
edited 6 September, 2013 in Behavior & Training
Finn is our 5 month old, and he's recently picked up the nasty habit of flinging as much litter as he can out of the box! Doesn't matter if it's a newly cleaned box or not, he will scratch and kick and fling. He is an excellent box user otherwise, but he does like to go in there just to scratch at times. I contemplated getting a covered box to help keep it contained, but I've heard mixed signals about using them. I use a paper pellet litter (thank goodness, much easier to clean up than clay), and I do use a litter box liner to make it easier to clean. I'd love to not have to constantly sweep and vaccuum to keep the litter out from underfoot.


  • Robert B-Robert B- Member Posts: 29
    edited 6 September, 2013
    I love to fling litter too! But I have my owner very well trained and he comes right along and cleans it up. My owner used to have all of our boxes covered (3 boxes for 2 cats). But he then did an experiment and uncovered one and left 2 covered. He discovered that me and my sister prefer our boxes uncovered (we are not shy). Now he leaves 1 covered and 2 uncovered just so we have options. I guess cleaning up the litter we fling around is a small price to pay for two cats that always use their boxes. Just a suggestion: try providing 2 boxes for a time with 1 covered and eventually try to remove the uncovered box.
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