Vet Horror

Pam HoldenPam Holden ClearwaterMember Posts: 2
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I have my female Spookie who is on here, she is 8 yrs. old and also a stray about the same age they say, Domino a male cat. Here in Clearwater, Fl. it is a do or die to take your pet to a vet for rabies etc. per year at least, can be every 3 yrs. Each time the cost is out rageous. Well Spookie is allergic to rabies shots and I have a letter to prove it. However "animal control" told me that letter must be updated yearly, I say they have to get that visit in, cos Spookie is as healthy as a horse. So, I called and asked several times if I could leave Spookie home and just bring in the letter that they should have had and pay the yearly license like I did at animal control. Never heard a word, so I took both cats in, me and my ex, I get so nervous hearing Spookie whine and fuss, Domino is laid back as he was a stray and an outside cat. Well when I got there I asked, "how much is this bill going to be?", no answer. I am not a person to be walked over but I figured the answer was coming when she knew. I requested Domino's nails to be cut, not Spookies yet she next gets Spookie and cuts hers. She took both cats temps. She said these are now senior cats (8 yrs old) and put them back in the cages. I said, "arent you giving Domino his rabies shot and there's another one they give, (Fvcp & clamydia annual vaccine), she says Domino has a 3 yrs. rabie shot (UNTRUE! IT WAS 1 YR!) and it is important now that they are seniors to draw blood. I said from each of them? She nods yes. I said "how much?". She says $149.00 , I said each??? She says yes, I said for what?? Oh all kinds of things when they get old, and rattled off stuff that sounded like nonsense to me. They went down to $129.00 each. The vet came in and he looked like he belonged in a nursing home, I had used these guys before, NEVER ever had laid eyes on him. He comes in with a pill in his hand wrapped in some gooey looking mess and says it is for fleas. I said she just said told me they are flea free and I use Advantage. He says that is no good. He looks at the tech and says " never tell them the pet does not have fleas, tell them they have flea allergies" and shoved the pill down Domino's throat against my protest. I was livid. Then I told him , we cannot afford the blood tests on the pets as we are both on disability, so I want Domino to have his rabies shots. This time the paperwork shows he got it for 3 years. He then shoves the pill down Spookies throat despite the fact that I told him no, and that she is allergic. (She is allergic to alot) Then Domino throws up the pill in his cage so the jerk comes back in and says he is giving him another pill and an allergy pill to keep it down and I SCREAMED "no you will not!!!!" He shrugged and left. Later on the ride home Spookie projectile vomited her pill from her cage onto my ex's pants. I called the vet and told whoever answered the phone what happened, how I felt violated etc. She was so empathetic but I know they put my $196.00 bill thru as fast as lightening. Who can I complain to? Who officially? I never want to see this happen to another person. Something has happened to this place , to make it uncaring, to make them just force and I mean literally, charges and treatments on us, my pets took a week to act normal. Spookie was jumpy and stayed under her bed, I finally had to force her out. I loved on her until she felt safe I think and then left her alone to work her trauma out on her own and she did. Domino quit sleeping in his bed near the door where we took him out to the van to go to the vet, he stayed in his daddy's lap around the clock and now sleeps all the way across the other side of the room away from the door, but has quit staying on my ex's lap so much. My ex and I are torn between anger and guilt. We were in such SHOCK , or we should have up and left right when no one paid us any attention and pretended that we were not there. Sincerely, Pam , Lover of Catster


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