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My Toni girl had crystals and blood in her urine a couple months back. My vet put her on the Royal Canin Urinary SO diet (dry food). She is now back to doing great with the exception of a UTI that she is being treated for. Oddly enough the crystals are gone, but now the Oxy bacterial something, UTI is here. I have basically been told she needs to be on the Royal Canin diet for life. I would like to switch her to wet food, Friskies, but have been urged not to. Royal Canin sells a wet version, but it is 21 for 12 cans? I asked my bet about alternatives and they made me feel like Royal Canin was the only answer. I didn't know if there were less costly alternative food that will prevent teh crystals returning? (Note: I had been giving her some wet food before her diagnosed with the crystals. Half wet, half dry. I ahev three cats.,) I am not about being CHEAP, but she is also overweight and now even more so on the ROYAL CANIN


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    You can put her on Friskies canned pate flavors. It's more important to give her a wet food diet than a prescription diet. Stay away from fish flavors and gravy. It's all about getting her flushed out and properly hydrated. You can add water to the cans to get extra fluids into her too. She'll probably get her weight under control, as well as taking care of the urinary issues.
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    Definitely better to feed an all canned food diet even Friskies is better than the Urinary SO the urinary prescription diets are based on additional salt in the diet which makes your cat drink more which keeps the bladder flushed out. I have a girl who has chronic interstitial cystitis and since switching her to all canned food and adding Cosequin to her diet she hasn't had any issues for 4 years.
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    Get more water into the cat to keep the urinary system healthy =; The easiest way to do that is to feed only canned food with extra water added :) It doesn't need to be soupy unless your cat likes that. A spoonful of water or two is usually good enough. Unfortunately, many vets psuh the prescription junk beacuse they just don't know very much about proper nutrition and how it mayaffect health :? Vet school only has a few general nutrition classes that are usually sponsored by big name pet food companies :? There's nothing special in prescription food that helps with urinary issues. Maybe for strutvite crystals but those foods are only meant for temporary feeding until the issue is resolved. ANY commerical canned food will help =; Any brand that your cat likes to eat and you can afford is good :) Grain-free is ideal since cats have no use for grains in the diet. You don't need to tell the vet what you feed. It's YOUR cat after all and YOU make the decisions on what to feed. The vet can suggest stuff but you don't have to agree with it. You can read http://catinfo.org/?link=urinarytracthealth for more info on diet and urinary issues.
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