Can I 'make' two old gets get along?

Petra SarbuttPetra Sarbutt SydneyMember Posts: 1
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My cat Merlot - a 14 yr old Burmese X princess, my baby - pawed into our lives 3 years ago, when we moved into our new home. She left her old people, as they had adopted a new cat after her brother's death and Merlot preferred to be an only cat now. Merlot and I became very close: I work from home and wherever I went, she went. When she was unwell of anxious, she'd seek me out for reassurance... But every so often she would visit her old home and would even rub noses with her ex-brother Hoover; they'd also play and sit together on the street. When Hoover's human parents were away, I'd go and feed him, with Merlot happy to tag along. Hoover's humans have now moved away and could not take him with them. He is a lovely 'mature' boy of 9 yr, who just likes to be around people. Before the neighbours left, we started bringing him over, and it all seemed to go well. Alas,... Hoover has now claimed our house and garden as HIS and HIS only, and shoos Merlot away. She hides in another neighbour's garden and I have to collect her and bring her home so she at least eats and drinks. She does not want to come inside anymore and you can see that she's scared of him and has become very skittish. I love Merlot, but I also recognize that as a 9 yr old black cat, it will be near-impossible to find a new home for Hoover. What on earth can I do???


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    I honestly would probably begin by keeping them both inside. Not only because Merlot is being put in increased danger by being pushed out of her own yard, but by keeping them inside it will force them to deal with each other instead of one thinking that he can just run the other off and be the "only" cat. You can try keeping them separated at first and reintroducing them gradually. There's a pretty good step-by-step article on doing that here: You can also try incorporating a pheromone product like Feliway to reduce territorial urges, or a calming product like Rescue Remedy or Spirit Essences to reduce stress. I'm assuming that both are already spayed/neutered. If either of them has not been, that needs to be done as soon as possible. Good luck! Keep us posted!
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    It's Stella. Is everyone up to date on their shots? You don't want to introduce them to any diseases that can be picked up outside from other cats. My person would probably be glad to take a nice 9-yr-old cat. She loves black cats but is afraid that she will not live long enough to get a kitten. There are probably a lot of other senior citizens who feel the same way. Her last black cat died at 18, so 9 is not so old. If you cannot make peace with them, it's worth a try if you have a no-kill shelter available. On behalf of the three remaining gray and whites here, we do NOT want another black male cat! Six months later we are still fighting over who is dominant here. She keeps threatening to get another cat, but we think we are more than enough for her. Good luck and giant purrs to you!
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