Non-Effusive FIP, Feline Herpes, and an Upper Respiratory Infection! Help!

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Poor baby Charvel, about 3 weeks ago we got a call from the shelter we rescued her from telling us that one of her brothers recently died from FIP and so they offered to pay for us to get her tested. A week later we received the results that she was indeed, FIP positive. 2 days ago we went to the vet and luckily she does have the dry form of FIP. No fluid buildup or anything.. So it's the lesser of two evils. She also has an upper respiratory infection, (so does her adopted brother) and a pretty goopy case of herpes in her eye. Obviously we were prescribed antibiotics for both of them and eyedrops for her. They both take 2 capsules a day, and two liquid antibiotics as well. Kramer, (brother) takes the syringes with no issues. However I cannot get charvel to take any of her medicine!! Every time I approach her with a syringe she goes into a full blown panic attack. I have tried mixing it in with her favorite foods but she will not touch it, she avoids it at all costs. Also, I've noticed when I try to give her any of her medicine.. She starts to drool, like, excessively. Why is that? I mean she has drool running all down her chin and dripping on the floor and it does not stop for the next few hours. Is it a reaction to the medicine? Do I need to take her back to the vet for it? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to give her the liquid medication? Anything would be a huge help. Sorry for the novel:)


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    First there is NO conclusive test for FIP! FIP is caused when the corona virus mutates into FIP, it only happens in about 5% of the cats infected with the corona virus. At least 90%+ of all cats including the larger wild cats will test positive for the corona virus, it is nothing to worry about unless they start having symptoms. FIP is also not contagious. The drooling could be nerves or the medicine. You need to give the medicine even if you have to get help to hold her, it cannot work sitting in the bottle. :) I know it can be hard, but it must be done. Please do some reading up on FIP, it could ease your mind a great deal. Yahoo FIP Support Group, the best there is for one on one help. This group can also help you de-cipher any test results and provide you with help in understanding, treating, etc.....
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    Thank you for your advice! Today I had my fiancée wrap her up in a blanket and hold her while I gave her the medicine.. You would have thought I was trying to strangle her. The FIP testing was done at a different office than our normal vet, when I took her into the vet she also told me there is no "positive/negative" result for FIP testing. What test is it exactly that they do to get those results? When they called me with the results they literally just said, "the female is positive and the male is negative. Have a great day!" Granted it's probably my fault for not asking what tests they did or what I should do next.
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    Most likely they did a corona virus test, which means nothing, most all cats test positive for it. More extensive blood test can show indications of FIP, but there really is no positive test. In wet FIP they do a rivalta test on the fluid and that is as about conclusive as they can get. Someone needs to tell the place where you had the test done to explain things better, or maybe someone needs to tell them that corona virus and FIP are not the same thing. The corona virus is contagious, but less than 5% of cats that have it will ever develop FIP, your odds are very good if the corona virus test is what they did.
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