Now cinnamon is throwing up!

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ok so if you read my post from last week you know mittens was very sick last weekend, started throwing up and the not eating... we ended with a trip to the er. now cinnamon is doing the same thing! im wondering is it the food or maybe a virus! she has not stopped eating butt she is going down the same road it seems. she has puked the last 3 days in a row but it solid not fluid but mittens started out this way too though. now I know this could be because we changed the food she had in the shelter. the lady at the shelter had told me what they were feeding her, a brand I never heard of and she told me she knows they don't sell it at the pet store I would be picking her up at but said they would give me some. they didn't when I went to get her and by then I had forgotten the name. since mittens was sick likely from the new food we were giving her we gave it to cinnamon because when I discussed food with the lady from the shelter she said that it was similar. but now cinnamon is displaying the same symptoms im worried! again other then throwing up she seems fine, eating playing ect. but mittens stated that way also. I just gave her some homeopathic stuff I got for mittens, not sure if it helped mittens though because she was already on the mend when I got it. we shall see. any ideas? my cats seem to like to get sick over holiday weekends which is my biggest worry because if they need to go to the vet it becomes an er visit


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    I would stop feeding that food. Something is not agreeing with their tummies. It could be a "cold" or something, but it could be the food. Try some plain baby food chicken to settle Cinnamon's tummy, then I would go back to the other food, or look for something different. It may not be bad food, but something in it is not agreeing with them. Smitty will get sick when he eats ocean fish in a food - no matter if it is a cheapie food or a pricey one - I just have a feeling it may be that. Just keep watch that Cinnamon is drinking & stuff, so that you can tell if a er visit is needed. Otherwise, maybe call your vet after the holiday.
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    It's Stella. Did you do a lot of cleaning for the holiday with any unusual products? Cats can pick up things on their paws and lick them off, from carpet and floor cleaners. We hear that those swiffers and similar floor cleaning pads have made dogs and cats sick. Lots of things affect cats' stomachs that are not in their food. Could be something that you are doing for the holiday. We're all purring that Cinnamon feels better soon! The vet told us that you can give an adult cat 1/4 of a regular Pepscid to calm a queasy stomach.
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