allergies... plz help!

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Hi there. I have some really bad allergy issues. I dig my head all up. Vet says its the food. What is a good food for kitties with allergies? Mom put me on wellness salmon & turkey, and it made me break out again. So she switched me again to INNOVA EVO for kitties, in hope that the no grain would help. Any other suggestions? They would be GREATLY apprecitated!!! ~Harley~


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    How long have you been eating EVO? How are you doing on it? If you are doing well on EVO after a month, I\'d say you have a grain allergy (probably corn). If you still have problems at that point, you might want to look for a food with a short ingredient list and a different source of protein, like rabbit or venison or duck. Another thought... What kind of water do you drink? Some kitties are sensitive to chlorine. You might want to try drinking filtered water for a while and see if that helps. If your mom wants to get you bottled water, you can tell her to read the \"nutritional information\" label to see if it contains chlorine. Otherwise, you can get a filter for your faucet or in a pitcher to filter water.
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    Alex has good suggestions. Sometimes it takes a month or two for the food to make a difference. Also ask your humans to make sure you have a ceramic or metal dish for your water and food, because plastic sometimes holds bacteria and stuff. Have you tried any raw food diets? Sometimes it\'s helpful, because your human will know exactly what\'s in your food and can do the elimination thing.
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    That\'s a good point about plastic dishes. I get feline acne from plastic dishes or even glass dishes, if they aren\'t washed every day. Raw diets are great because they are so simple. There are a limited number of ingredients and they dont\' contain preservatives or unnecessary additives. No everyone can feed raw though. It\'s important to at least avoid foods that contain dyes because many cats are sensitive to them and I don\'t think cats care what color their food is. They seem more concerned with smell.
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    wow... thanks for the tips! As for water, we have a well, and it is filtered from the well coming into the house, on water tank, and on the faucet. I've only just started EVO since Wellness Salmon & turkey (ect) made me break out after only a couple days on that. My half brother(not the one in my pic) is allergic to dyes. Vet says its most likely a grain.... but its a tuff one. As for my bowl, its ceramin, matches Mihkoa's ;) only smaller! No, mom hasnt tried me on raw, mihkoa either. (No funds for it, or time to prepare it!) Yeah I only break out on my face and head, thats why doc thinks its an allergy, because apparently only us cats break out on our head and face like that when we are allergic to our food. Maybe Im allergic to my dog! Ha ha ha..... wouldnt that be a funny one! Well, moms keeping me on the EVO. I will keep you posted on the effects!! Thanks again! Any other info i'd love to hear it, and any suggestions!! Harley
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