Cannot medicate my cat, please help!!

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I'm at the end of my rope. My 14-year-old cat Maggie is battling a Feline Herpes-caused upper respiratory infection. It was very bad for about a week, with a lot of sneezing and very inflamed, swollen, and runny eyes. The vet gave her a Convenia shot, and I was sort of able to give her eye drops. The veterinary ophthlalmologist prescribed famciclovir (anti-viral) medication for the underlying virus and L-Lysine to build her immune system. She is also taking methimazole for hyperthyroid and prednisolone for IBD, but I have those as a transdermal gel and she is fine with having this in her ears. I cannot administer medication to this cat in any form. I cannot pill her. She won't touch food with anything crushed into it. I got the famciclovir in chicken-flavored oil suspension from the compounding pharmacy and she fights me like a banshee when I try to give her the oral syringe. She won't touch food with that in it either. She has already lost 2 pounds because she won't eat. I was able to get a half-pill in her ONCE with cream cheese, but after that she learned to look for the pill in the cream cheese and now she eats the cheese and spits out the pill. The vet also wants her on L-Lysine. I tried mixing the contents of capsules with her food and she wouldn't eat it. I bought L-Lysine treats but she won't eat them. I finally found L-Lysine in a maple-flavored gel and she wouldn't touch it, but it looks like she might take it in a bit of cream. (Yes, I know dairy is not good for cats.) I have tried Rescue Remedy. I have tried giving Rescue Remedy to myself. I have tried scruffing. I have tried putting her between my knees and approaching from the back. I have tried towel-wrapping her but she is always away to struggle free. She is strong as an ox when it comes to wriggling away even in her weakened state and then she is hyperventilating after she gets away. My hands are small so I can't reach the corners of her jaw hinge to force it open. She is starting to get so afraid of me and afraid of her food that she won't eat anything. Please don't tell me not to show her how upset I am. I had to euthanize our other cat in July and my husband died in October after a stroke and I am already an emotional wreck without this. I have no one to help me do this. I don't know what to do anymore. Only transdermal gel will work and this medication is not available in this formulation. Is it time to just let her go? My husband had an advance directive and that decision was agonizing. Maggie is miserable and she is starting to be afraid of me and her food because both mean bitter-tasting medicine and trauma to her. I don't know what else to do anymore.


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    Have you tried Greenie pill pockets? I have always had a terrible time pilling Macy until I got a pill popper, I just get behind him, place my hand on his head, pull his mouth open and pop it in. You could try mixing it in tuna and if you can get it into them with milk products so be it, although its not good for cats, getting the medicine in is more important at this point. Here is a pictorial on giving meds:
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    She got wise to pill pockets after two doses. I have watched every single video about medicating cats. They never show how to give medicine to a cat that is freaked out so they are pretty much useless. I have studied the scarf wrap. I have done the scarf wrap and she gets free every single time. I do not know what else to do. Is she telling me she is ready to go?
  • Sally WaldronSally Waldron Member Posts: 1,255 ✭✭
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    no she just doesn't like taking pills, mol. When Macy sees me with the pill popper he runs! The only other option I can think of is crushing the pill up to a powder and mixing it with like plain yogurt or something really smelly that she likes to eat like tuna water or a gravy food, maybe baby food? Just make sure that the baby food doesn't have onion or garlic in it. what will happen if she doesn't get the medication? I would talk to the vet about the issue. I know mine said I could bring my cats in to administer the med but I never want to put them through the vet trip every day.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
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    It's Stella. My person has had this problem with different cats, and we understand how unsympathetic vets and vet techs are about this. We had a vet tech show us how easy it was to pill Peri. It eventually took three people to get the pill in and they all got scratched. They never offered to help us again, but they insist on prescribing multiple pills. Part of Delyte's health problems were due to his not being able to be pilled. When he was younger she was able to get pills in him in cheese spread, which is yummier and stickier than yogurt so has a better chance of being swallowed. The vet told us the cheese was really bad for him, but what other choice did we have?! We also have had some limited luck with pills hidden in ground beef rolled into balls, and tuna or sardines or anchovies might work. The strong taste covers any flavor the pill might have. There are also things called pill pushers that hold the pill and you force them down the cat's throat. But if you cannot get the cat's jaws open ... Does anything work if there are two people? Vets also have a restraining device hidden in back for doing procedures on very tough cats, but that would be a horrible way to live. Don't let the vet bully you!! Sometimes you would like to swat their sanctimonious faces. You are in a very bad place in your life right now. Cats are still wild animals even though they are our pets. If the cat cannot be treated for the health problems, then it has reached the end of its life. I know that Delyte would have lived longer if I had done more intensive medical care on him, including having the radioactive thyroid procedure and giving him a lot more medications. At the end he would not even tolerate the transdermal get meds. He also needed tooth surgery and I did not think he would survive the surgery. He died sooner than he would have, if he had managed to get through all those procedures and pills. But he was a shy and wild kitty and hated being messed with and would not have survived three weeks being boarded alone after the radioactive treatment. The vet needs to help you with this and understand and not condescend to you. Do you have any vets in your area who will make house calls and who would help with meds? Can any of these meds be given in the form of shots? Delyte got all of his antibiotics as shots because of this. I know how terrible it is to feel that your failings are killing your cat but that is not true. There is only so much you can do with a cat to force him, especially over a long term. We are all purring for you, including Delyte on the Bridge, who knows exactly what you are talking about. |:| (^^
  • Greg StawinogaGreg Stawinoga So. HollandMember Posts: 1,000
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    We feel sorry for you, have to go through the same thing, with lady. We know what it's like to put up the fight to try to give a cat meds or a trip to the vet. To get blood from Lady, you have to put her under. With Sammie, you got to hold his mouth close, and scratch his throat, blose in his nose gently, tap his nose, or gently shake his head. Our best advice is to wrap Maggie in a towel, pry open her mouth, put the famciclovir pill in and hold her mouth shut intil she swallows it. How much famciclovir are you giving her? A whole pill? half? Hope this helps. purrs Lady
  • Sara WoodfinSara Woodfin Member Posts: 1
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    This is what I do.... 1. Get every thing ready at the bathroom sink. 2. Take a big towel and wrap it several times around the cat, leaving only her head sticking out. 3. Put the cat in the sink, and bend over her... holding her with your whole body, and upper arm. 4. Tip the head back, and from underneath the chin, squeeze the mouth open and drop the pill in the back of the throat. Hold the cats mouth shut until she swallows. If you don't get it way back they will spit it out. 5. I finally bought a piller that made it go really fast. Just make sure the drain is closed on the sink, because if they do spit the pill out you won't lose it down the drain.
  • Greg StawinogaGreg Stawinoga So. HollandMember Posts: 1,000
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    it good too see you have found a way. you might want to consider putting a towel behind Maggie's head, just incase she starts to thrash, so she does not hit her head in the sink. purrs
  • sarah zourdoumissarah zourdoumis TorontoMember Posts: 12
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    You'd be amazed at how many medications can be given by injection. I do understand your plight though. My Tequila was 18, terribly ill, but you bring a pill near her and she had the strength of 10. Could keep it in her cheek for ages and spit it out at her leisure. I was able to get liquids in, but never a pill. Several meds were available in injection. She also got wise to the pill pockets. i even would buy bbq chicken (her favorite) and wrap the pill in that and she even started to realize and turn up her nose at it.
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    CAPSULES and CATNIP Midnight the Music Man gives me quite a fight when I try to pill him. This is what I do: I crush up the pill and place it in an empty capsule (you can buy them at the drug store from the pharmacist) then I do the scruffy grab and shove the moistened capsule to the back of the throat and then hold the cat's mouth closed. I believe that the problem of the matter is the "taste" of the pill so when you put the contents in a capsule it is not as nasty. With the capsule moistened or wet it slips down easier. As a precaution, I will have a syringe handy (of course without the needle) to put some water in the cat's mouth just in case there is a problem. ALSO: For a cat that will not eat -- help him to relax and get the munchies by giving him fresh Catnip. Any sick cats that I have had I have given them Catnip and then they will eat. Pretty soon they will be acting like they are at a party. Try it. |/h/|
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    I have 5 cats that are over 10 yeaRS OLD THE MOTHER CAT AND HER KIDS LOL.. aNYWAY I GO THROUGH ALOT WITH FINICKY CATS.I use tuna juice open pill or grind it up and use tuna fish. if nothing works take to vet and let them do it ..That way your baby doesnt grow to run from you and dislike you ..
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