Driving me nuts!

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New here, but a very well-seasoned cat owner. I have three, two boys and a girl, with some very complex social dynamics. Short version, the girl is a drama queen, and the boys pick on her a little. Our problem right now is our special cat - he's a rescue, who was found as part of an abandoned litter (moms don't let their babies get covered in ants). We got him at four weeks of age, after four weeks of fostering, because he was in need of one on be (three on be, as the case may be) care. His four sibs wouldn't let him stay on the bottle, and he was starving when we got him. We had to bottle feed a further four weeks before he would accept solids. Then it was eye surgeries and a rough neuter (our first attempt at finding a vet in our new hometown was disappointing). What I'm saying is, we've gone to hell and back with this kitty. He came out a very affectionate, charming cat....when he's not terrorizing visitors, peeing on everything, compulsively digging at everything, and serenading us as he stomps through the house at night. He's highly social, responsive to voice, and a bit high strung. However, I'm on the point of training him to live outside (yard is securely cat-fenced). I'd regime him, but with his nasty habits he's fit only to live in a barn - and his vision issues make that unsafe. We've done vet visits, tried newer, more litter boxes, tried to train them all to sleep elsewhere. We have tried squirt bottles and compressed air, which make him more nervous, and so more likely to mark everywhere. I've tried Feliway, diet changes, medications. We've tried buying warming beds - he pees on things that warm up, like heating pads, warming beds. The worst of it is that he has marked me three times - on the head! He's learned that assuming the position where I can see him results in a sharp correction, so he only does it when he's standing behind my chair. None of the other people in the house have been so distinguished. I feel special. In short, I'm wondering if anyone has an idea I haven't tried yet. I have to wonder if he's in some sort of pain, but the vet has never found a reason he would be. I'm completely stumped at this point. Thoughts?
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