Too much poo - and too long of a post!

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I love animals, but have always been a reluctant cat owner. Every cat I have ever had has been a stray, including one that just kept sauntering in through our dog door until we got tired of throwing him out. We named him Not Our Cat. He lived with us for 12 years. I currently have a 3-year-old cat that I “reluctantly” rescued because her littermates had all been eaten by a German shepherd and I couldn’t leave her there to share their fate. Her name is Mostly Feral and I love her dearly but we respect each other’s privacy. She’s never given me a bit of trouble. And now we come to Drama, a cat that showed up around Halloween 2013. I tried to find his owner every way possible. He was neutered, declawed (barbaric) and very friendly. I also tried to find him a home. I am attached to him and care about him, but somehow, he has never felt like he was “mine.” About a month ago, we took out our dog door because of our elderly dog and shortly after, realized Drama had a HUGE litter box problem. We are cat IDIOTS and just had one litterbox downstairs (previously, no litterboxes, all other cats have used the great outdoors.) We discovered Drama had used an old couch downstairs as a litterbox, as well as piles of clothing and blankets. (It only seemed to be poo though.) We cleaned it all up and added three more litterboxes, but then he still peed on our guestroom bed (only instance I’ve noticed of inappropriate peeing), pooped in the living room and and pooped in our bedroom several times. I don’t know how long the downstairs dastardly deeds were going on, but the upstairs was definitely after the removal of the dog door (he had gone outside, I saw him on several occasions.) I brought a litterbox upstairs and put it in our extra bathroom, something I absolutely HATE. I clean it every time they use it. It seemed to be going better, unless he is pooping in a dark corner downstairs, but yesterday, he pooped in the bathtub. What the?! Advice would be appreciated, but I also wanted to know from all you “cat people” out there, if him starting over in a new house where the people are not idiots would make a difference. He is friendly, funny, onery, gives hugs and will jump to my shoulder from the ground. (He also goes psycho once in a while, which is amusing.) All around he is the coolest cat I have ever had. But I don’t have the time, patience or the experience to deal with a litter box issue. (I would never not tell someone who was interested in him that he had problems, by the way.) Sorry this is so long, but this is depressing! And I feel guilty for wanting to give him away. P.S. I KNOW he needs to go to the vet, but I can’t right now. I made some pretty emotional decisions over the past month about my 17-year-old love-of-my- life dog and ended up with a $1,500 vet bill and a deceased dog. I'm tapped out financially for the time being.
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