New Weruva canned food

Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
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Weruva has a new line of canned food called Truluxe ;c; It's grain free, GMO free, and carrageenan free =; Some of the regular Weruva varieties are offered as Truluxe and there are a bunch of new varieties :)


  • Elizabeth MabardyElizabeth Mabardy Member Posts: 2,708
    edited 22 April, 2014
    Hello Merlin, I saw those new Weruva canned cat foods at Especially for Pets & bought a few of them. Kally Kat loves them! She will not eat any of her script diets & we tried all of them. ::o I even tried adding some healthy alternative toppings on top of her wet meals the Scripts diets such adding more water & even used Weruva Paw lickin freeze dried treats. She ate the Treats & left behind the awful script foods, they costs a lot to be thrown out! Now, at stage 2 with Chronic Kidney Disease, I was told by a lot of other cat moms that she didn't have to be on those diets. Also, they mentioned me about making her meals from scratch, but I am not able to do so, as I'm caring for an elderly family member & being a caregiver is 24/7. I'm doing the best I can at this moment. Now, I would like to ask you for some calories for an 8¼lb cat. I remember you & Shadow's Mum & a few others about the Calories. At the moment she's only eating the selected Weruva Chickens, Turkey & Duck she is so happy & eating them like Wow! No more Beef or any more seafood which is higher in Phosphorus & Sodium. I met with the Nature's Variety Rep at the Wayland store Especially for Pets I told her about Kally's weight loss as she was maintaining her weight for the past 5½ years, until August of last year . Rep said she could use some of the NV Home style quality carbs for help with maintaining her weight as best she can. On her last visit her Vet practical raise her voice to me after I told her those dry scripts diets are not at all healthy & desirable when there are other alternatives; she the vet said she has to eat them & I said no! Prescription Diets are a bonus in their pocket $$! Sorry for the long of it, as I'm not able to pawmail going out or coming in with all the Catster confusion. :-/ Now, I need to know about the calories she needs to maintain her weight at 8¼ lbs! She is drinking her water from her new Pioneer Pet Waterfall fountain quite well. Waterfall Pet fountain I hope to hear from you when your able to here at the forum since Pawmails are not working for me & a whole lot of other members. Thank you Merlin's Mom for any support & help as well as any of our friends that visits this forum all will be be so grateful! :B She's had 3 senior screen full tests & at the 3rd. one has shown improvement! =; I've been visiting this site & it's very well put together.
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    An 8 pound cat needs about 200 to 250 calories per day but there are many factors that affect how many calories a cat needs, including breed, gender, and activity level. I don't know if the CRF affects calorie need :-k You can start with 250 calories and adjust as needed. If Kally kat is still losing weight, you probably need to increase the calories a bit and/or add a high calorie supplement like NutriCal There are good commerical brands of raw pet food that you can buy if you don't want to make it yourself. These are typically frozen that you defrost before serving. Many cats won't eat raw food, though :?
  • Elizabeth MabardyElizabeth Mabardy Member Posts: 2,708
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    Hello Merlin & we are in today, by mean Catster's door is open.... ;c; Thank you for the caloric needs for an 8lb.Cat! I will be searching & reading labels even if I have to go online to get the info! I also call Companies up & ask for samples or coupons. Today I received an e-mail from FROMM The Rep said that they do not give out samples anymore, but they will send me a generous coupon for $5.00. When I get it in the mail to see what it's for, then I will call & thank them! Again, thank you Merlin's Mom. :m
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