Eevee's diet. Just wanted to share.

Leanne McClanahanLeanne McClanahan Member Posts: 13
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Hi all. |r| I just saw this sub forum and thought I'd share my very simple diet for Eevee and Noah. I know it sounds too easy, but I wish you could all come pet Eevee - her coat is like baby feathers and clouds. I've never felt something so soft and shiny as her fur. Noah is going the same way too (he's currently ill and we haven't had him long - the trash house he came from fed him dog food and the owners openly admitted to having parvo in their yard). Also, I don't want to seem cheap in this diet. I did a tonne of research on cat diets and the site really enlightened me. It basically told me, cats don't digest vegetables like dogs can, and since cats have a low thirst drive you should add water to their food (since in the wild, most of their water comes from their prey). So I went looking for wet cat food that didn't contain grains/cereals, and the ONLY one I could find was our supermarkets homebrand food. So I took away the biscuits, got this homebrand canned food and added extra tablespoons of water to it. Eevee and Noah love the stuff as if it were the Dine brand! After a couple of weeks we noticed Eevee's fur got so soft, and her pee became lighter meaning she was well hydrated. When me and my husband adopted our first kitty, Eevee, I wanted to take the best possible care of her I could, that's why I did the research. So far, what I have read seems to be proving true. We started Eevee out on biscuits and wet food and her coat started losing it's softness, so I'm now quite convinced biscuits aren't of any benefit to cats especially since it's dry and cats need the moisture from their food. Where we live it's constantly hot and humid, so it's extra important for Eevee and Noah to drink. So yeah, that's my diet I wanted to share with you guys. |^|


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    Sounds like you are on the right path! Wet food is always better, and I also add a bit of water to Felix's for his health issues. Great job & thanks for sharing your information! ;c;
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
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    Pet stores usually have a good selection of grain-free foods :) You can look there too :) I know there are quite a few grain-free brands available in Oz: Wellness, ZiwiPeak, Fancy Feast, EVO, Ultimates. You can check this list to see what brands are grain-free and is available in Oz :)
  • Leanne McClanahanLeanne McClanahan Member Posts: 13
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    Wow, what a great list, thanks! I'm so glad I can give my kitties a bit more variety now. The grain free homebrand food only has 2 flavours. ~a~ I'll have to check out one of our pet superstores. The only brand on that list I know the supermarket stocks is Fancy Feast. Thanks again, especially to whoever put the time into making that list.
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