Now that I found the kittens, will the mom move them?

Janan ChandlerJanan Chandler Member Posts: 3
edited 21 April, 2014 in Kitten Corner
I found two feral kittens in the trash can in our back yard. Their eyes are just now beginning to open. Now that I have handled them and let my dog sniff and lick them, will the mom move them? I would like to keep them, but they are too young to take away from their mom.


  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 2 April, 2014
    It's Stella. Maybe not. Put some food near the location of the kittens for the mother cat. If you can keep her coming back for food, you can have access to the kittens when they get older and can be taken from the mother. Is there any way you can get a humane trap and catch the mother when you are ready to take the kittens? :-h
  • Janan ChandlerJanan Chandler Member Posts: 3
    edited 3 April, 2014
    I thought of calling animal control to see if they would be willing to catch the mama and have her spayed, then released back in the neighborhood. I'm pretty confident the kittens will be a coyote snack where we live, so I hope the mother doesn't move the kittens. The best scenario would be for the babies to stay with their mom a few more weeks. If I leave food for her, then maybe I can handle the babies every day and keep them familiar with me. I have two small dogs that are nuts out there right now. Max refuses to leave the trash can. We've shut the doggie door for hours at a time to give the chance for the mama to come to her babies and will keep it shut tonight. I won't be surprised if they are gone in the morning.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 3 April, 2014
    It's Stella. Are the kittens still around? We now have coyotes big time, so no more feral cats. When my Momcat and our family lived here, there were no coyotes. She had three litters in the woods here and brought them here to my person to eat. She disappeared when the last two kittens were just weaned, and my person took them in. We think the coyotes took Momcat. Purring for your kitties! |:| :-h
  • Janan ChandlerJanan Chandler Member Posts: 3
    edited 3 April, 2014
    The kitties are still here. When I lifted the trash can lid this morning, she bolted like lightening.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 4 April, 2014
    I(t's Stella. Keep putting food out for the momcat, When the kittens get older and can lick from a dish, you can give them and mom kitten milk replacement--KMR--you can buy it at any pet store or Wal-Mart. Also when the kittens have opened their eyes, pet them and touch them, so they get used to the presence and touch of humans. Good luck, we three feral rescues are all purring for you! :-h
  • Arlye DruryArlye Drury DartmouthMember Posts: 826
    edited 21 April, 2014
    I really hate that coyotes are such an increasing factor across the whole country - years ago they were indigenous only in the Western states. To speak of kittens as "snack food" for this invasive carnivore makes me sad.
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