What's your experience with male cats interacting with offspring?

Sasaki KojirouSasaki Kojirou Member Posts: 1
edited 15 April, 2014 in Behavior & Training
My cat hasn't been coming regularly lately, I attributed it to the time of year but then I noticed it hanging around two kittens and their mother, one had an identical fur pattern which is quite nice and rare. What's more intriguing is that kitten (apparently old enough to part ways with the mother) has started following my cat around. Today when I arrived home the kitten was climbing a tree while my cat layed down at a distance. It came with me and I fed it then I returned outside to give some food to the kitten who was waiting, it was shy and scared, ran away but then returned as I started departing, then as my cat didn't seem like it would want to sleep I carried it back as I thought I shouldn't leave the kitten like that. What's really remarkable is that two years ago I also saw it in the company of another similar young cat, it was also friendly and I brought it home a few times although when I first got them together my cat turned out very territorial, eventually somebody took that cat to his countryside residence. You know the mirror can be used to test self-awareness in animals, I definitely think my cat being aware of its appearance from looking in the mirror can only truly empathize with similar offspring. Their cognitive abilities are definitely underestimated, I am also convinced my cat can recognize my steps.
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