week old kitten not gaining weight

Arlye DruryArlye Drury DartmouthMember Posts: 826
edited 9 May, 2014 in Kitten Corner
Harpurr had he kittens a week plus ago. The first 2 kittens were stillborn. Purrkije, the surviving kitten, gained weight every day up until yesterday. He only has gained 1 10th of an ounce yesterday and today. I tried bottle feeding but he would not accept the nipple. I just gave him a feeding with an eyedropper, but I am afraid he will aspirate if I do this too often. I was able to express some milk from his mother but not much. What to do? Any suggestions?


  • Catherine BogartCatherine Bogart San JoseMember Posts: 767
    edited 9 May, 2014
    Is he still nursing, active, looking good? Occasionally one of mine will have a day where they don't gain and I just have to clamp down on my panic until another day or so goes by. If they start looking dehydrated or droopy, then I worry. I rushed one of my current fosters to the emergency vet at 10pm not long ago because she looked dehydrated and limp. We got a course of antibiotics and she's almost caught up with her sister now.
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