New kittens, new life, totally lost

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Hello~ I will try to keep our introductions short but these kittens are so cute! Anyways, on 4/18/2014 I adopted a 3- to 4-week old stray kitten. He was on the bottle with people who found him but he took to cat food real quick. I named him Prince. On 4/30/2014 a local cat rescue found a 5-week old Siamese kitten for Prince to grow up with. Such a doll! I named her Charmy and adopted her right away. Now, both my kittens are on a free feed of Instinct dry food that I recently (today) added in Blue Buffalo for Kittens. Three times a day I feed my kittens Blue Buffalo wet food. This they seem to tolerate well until a few days ago. Their poop really smells! It is formed but soft and a pale brown color. Both kittens are active (though Charmy sleeps a lot, especially if I cuddle her then she falls asleep right away. Prince would eat endlessly if I let him, he even eats Charmy's food. I feed them from separate bowls but Charmy leaves her bowl without finishing the food - she eats most of it though. Should I worry? Also, Prince cries a lot. I just thought he was a chatty Cathy but maybe I am wrong? Prince has seen a vet but Charmy hasn't been because I figured she was seen by the shelter vets. They have both been dewormed and are still too young and small to get vaccinated. Any advice? I added cat litter baking soda to their litter box today to help with the smell. >>;; It's not working… Halp!!!


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    try calling your vet, see what they have to say. our opinion is to take them both in for a check up, would not wait to long since they are young. I also would not assume about charmy and seeing the shelter vet, I would take her in to your own vet for a check up and blood work, then you can talk to your vet about any questions you might have.
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    It's Stella. Definitely take them to the vet, as there are parasites, illnesses and infections that are not always picked up by the routine tests. Our late fursib Delyte got an infection, either from outdoors when he ran away and hid in the woods for a week, or from the vet's that persisted the rest of his life. He had the most stinky poops. The cat pan is located down a hall, 25 ft from the living room, and he could clear the living room with one poop. These kittens could have been exposed to anything when they were born and at the shelter. Kittens are tougher and more resilient than they seem and can respond miraculously to the proper treatment! Don't give up on the little ones yet. Purrs ... :-h
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    Charmy needs to see a vet. From what I have learned, guardia is a parasite that can cause smelly poopies and may not have shown up yet on or if they tested for it. We all need to keep in mind, that shelter vets, while they do a great job, are most likely overworked, and must see many animals a day. I think kitties get checked for the basics, but it is always a good idea to see your own vet as soon as possible after adopting - just my 2 cents. Kittens can get dehydrated quickly, so it would be a good idea. Maybe even put a little bit of water in their food. Charmy may not be as hungry, or if there is a parasite, it makes their tummy hurt and they aren't as hungry. That's why I suggest the vet visit. If she has a parasite, then Prince too should be tested & put on antibiotics, because he will get them from Charmy. Little ones should be fed as much as they want through the day. They are growing babies! Prince could be crying too because he was not with his Mom-cat long enough. I understand the circumstances, but when they are hand reared, they take some extra attention. (I raised Maizy from 1 week old) He may always be a little more needy or clingy. Best wishes for your new little ones! ;P:-h:w)
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