Our 8 month old cat is behaving odd

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My husband and I adopted two female 8 month old cats (kittens) who are sisters and they are both spayed.Their names are Ebony and Ivory (or Ebby and Ivy). We adopted them through CAWS, an adoption group inside PetSmart. The adoption group didn't know much about their background/past. When we first brought them home they seemed to adjust good the first night. We decided to move their litter box from the bathroom, to our bedroom next to our bed so they could sleep with us but could still use the potty without leaving a mess everywhere. Well the other night, I realized Ivory was trying to find the litter box (my husband moved it back into the bathroom) and she went over to our kitchen table and was going to start pooping when I softly picked her up and quickly carried her to the litter box. (luckily the poop landed on the bathroom floor and not the carpet) I set her inside the box and was talking to her the whole time that I wasn't mad that the litter box was here. She ran off and I put the poop in the litter box so she would know. I feel like its partially OUR fault because we had to keep moving the litter box. But that was Monday night and shes acting weird. She's isolating herself from our new little family (my husband, me and Ebony and Ivory), and she won't play or cuddle as much. Her sister, Ebony is playful and she loves to cuddle so maybe Ivory is jealous or she thinks we aren't giving her enough love and attention?? Or she feels abandoned? (my husband I work 9am-6pm normally and he works Mon-Fri while I work Tues-Thurs most times) so maybe Ivory feels like we don't love her??? HELP!! I have not idea whats going on.


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    Hmmm? I wouldn't worry too much about it. Even though they are sisters each cat has their own personality. Ivory might just be a little more reserved than her sister but nature. I doubt it has to do with the cat litter box incident, however to avoid any more accidents I would keep the litter box where she is used to it (the bathroom) for now and maybe put another one in your bedroom. Put her in it after she has eaten so she knows there is also the option to do the toilet in the bedroom as well. Just try to keep an eye on her. Make sure she is eating properly and drinking as well. Maybe take her aside into another bedroom away form her sister and show here a bit of one on one time. Pet her, brush her (thats how I made my nervous kitten tigerlily warm up to me, she loves being brushed) feed her treats she likes also and see where that takes you. Also for the abandoning thing. I wouldn't worry too much either, cats are solitary animals. Even if you are away, they have each other! My kittens always found a way to occupy themselves by chasing each other or even just sleeping all day, if they are lazy that is :) And you are obviously showing them love and attention when your are in the house. Depending on how long you have had them she may still be getting used to her sourroundings. Some kitties settle no bother and others it takes a while, but it helps to have familliar faces. Having her sister will help hopefully. Like i said, dont worry. Unless things get really unusual then just give it time. Find out whats she likes: treats, petting, brushing, toys etc and use use them with her. She should become comfortable in no time:)
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    Okay, that makes me better! We both gave her extra attention last night and told her we loved her and that she was ours. We think she is still adjusting to her new home and the noises and smells. But she is doing better today. We do have another litter box in our bedroom under our desk that they seem to be using. So like you said, she's probably just adjusting. Now the other BIG worry I have is them getting out and/or getting more curious about the front door and/or our porch door (we live in the basement apartment of an apartment complex). We have spray bottles we can use to train them so they will learn that they are not allowed outside but I worry that's not enough. A worker at Petco told us that if we don't want them venturing outside and if we want them to be strictly inside pets, don't let them see the any door leading to outside (obviously). Any advise? But with the abandonment thing, I think we're over that hurdle now. We were getting ready to leave for work this morning and Ivory was meowing more than she had been for the past 2 days and she seemed to be feeling better. We leave them in the bathroom with everything they need while we're gone (like I said before) and she was the first one in there this morning, like, "Okay, I think I know the routine now." We put Ebony in there with her sister and said have a good day girls, we love you, we'll be home later tonight. It probably seems like I worry WAY too much. I just want to make sure they're safe and they are part of our family for a long time. :)|^|
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    I think you are doing just fine. It is important not to move things around, and as babies, they cannot hold it as long as a grown up cat. If you do need to move a potty box, move it a bit each night over several days. If they get too curious about the door, you can 1. make sure they are removed from that area BEFORE you open the door 2. put them in another room when you open the door 3. have a special toy that you toss away from the door so they chase after it away from the door when you open it 4. if it gets bad, they do sell a thing call sccaat, that is a small can of air, that will spritz and make noise by the door. That would probably make them not want to go by the door anymore. Time & patience will help train kitties. Best of luck with your new babies & hopefully you will sign up & post picures of the new cuties!:w)
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    Well im glad shes getting a bit more settled in now, at least :) Cats are very curious. My Bigger boy Romeo has a habit of escaping outdoors recently and not coming home for hours. I can feel your pain, I worry too much but thats because hes an indoor cat and we live right next to a lot of fields and forest so foxes are quite common around here. Granted we do let our cats out in the back garden (we cant exactly hide the doors from them as our conservatory is basically gust a glass house so they have a clear plain view to stalk the birds,haha). However if you are worried they might run out, just make sure they are somewhere else before you use that door. (as the above user mentioned some good techniques). Eventually they will loose interest since the door clearly isn't getting them anywhere. Its stressful having new kittens, they can be a handful, especially 2! But trust me you'll do fine, and try not to overthink things too much, you seem to be doing great! :) I speak from experience. When Romeo was a baby he had a tiny cut on his paw and I ran to Pets AT Home in a state of panic to get some sort of healing cream because I though it was really bad, haha. Another time he was playing in the garden and chasing a bee, next thing he came in with a cheek the size of an orange. I rushed to the vet without even phoning first, for them to tell me that it was nothing dangerous and it would go away.Funny now i think about it he was always the one getting into some sort of bother :-k
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